Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bikes, Blues and BBQ Fun!

Every year I look forward to Bikes, Blues and BBQ! It's hard to explain why a down to Earth, Grandma to 3, conservative Republican would love to go to a rowdy, noisy motorcycle rally....but I do! The event this year will be Sept. 29th-Oct. 2nd, Wednesday through Saturday. In excess of 400,000 bikers come to NWA for a good time and a good cause. Last year almost $50,000 was raised for various charities, down from previous years' $100,000. For the community it's a big shot in the arm. Everyone that comes needs lodging and food, and they enjoy this beautiful part of the country that we call home. It's not the Sturgis crowd that comes, it's bikers just like you and me who enjoy traveling curvy roads to take in the beauty and freedom that biking delivers.

Hey, even Grandma wants to see what it's all about!

We are gawkers, and let me tell you...this is the place to see one of a kind motorcycles and INTERESTING people! Oh how my Dad would have loved going and just finding a great coffeehouse where he could set and "People Watch," I guess I came by that naturally!

This guy brought his Teddy Bear!

Orange Mohawk clashed with the bike...

This must have been a club, there were lots of men in buffalo hats...I didn't ask!

The pictures don't do these bikes justice, they were custom from frames to paint.

Part Corvette, part Harley!

Jessee James usually is here, I won't be asking for a autograph.

Lots of bikes with American themes, veterans take great pride in the freedom to express their patriotism on their ride.

look at the bystanders faces, men drooling ; )

 This one was at least 20 foot long. My husband asked, "What's that?" He hollered back, "A Buick!"


It's a sea of bikes, as far as the eye can see. Fayetteville is a college town, tolerant and welcoming to everyone. The rally brings a mix of people but it doesn't bring the things that are sometimes associated with motorcycles. The police say that there are few incidents reported over the 4 day event.

It's just a time to get out and enjoy the nice Fall days...

...do a little people watching, is that you Willie???

The residents of Fayetteville have always been an "eclectic group!"


  1. Looks like fun and this weekend the weather should be wonderful. My nephew has a beautiful Harley. It makes me wonder if he attends. I'll have to ask him.

  2. What a blast. Oh the money they must spend. Some of them almost can't be called bikes any more. More of a carcycle.

  3. Joycee, These pictures are amazing. I think I would love to be a people watcher at that function. Beautiful Harley's!
    Be sure to wear your helmet. I hope the weather is as beautiful as it is here in Texas for the event.

  4. What a great post!!!
    I went with my husband 2 times and really enjoyed it.
    He finally found a group of guys to go with so I retired from the event....I now look forward to not cooking for a couple of days!!!! ha


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