Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let this be a warning...

Everyone has something that curdles their blood, creeps them out, makes them run the opposite direction. For some it's snakes, or spiders or even harmless little walking sticks. We have all of these things on Granny Mountain, but at least we don't suffer the plague of the "Cricket Invasion" like South Texas. Every year about this time, dry weather (that's the only kind they ever have there) makes them come in hoards and invade the most busy streets. No matter how brave you are, you can't help but creep out as you crunch the creepy critters underfoot. They cling to the front doors of businesses, daring you to come inside. The first year we lived there, I thought the second coming was near when I witnessed the spectacle of bugs vs. humans. You can't keep them out of your house, they hop in the car for a ride and they fling themselves at you when you walk by. Businesses depend on exterminators to erradicate the masses, but even dead ones pile up at the doors and you have to walk through the carcasses if you absolutely have to buy socks. I'm not kidding, just Google "Cricket Season in Texas" and you'll see the proof.

So let this be a warning to anyone heading south, crickets are bigger in Texas...


  1. we had our first introduction to the cricket plague back in July. I'm so happy to hear it is a yearly event, Not!
    I imagine the exterminator people prosper here in Texas year round, regardless of the state of the economy.I signed up after my first experience with a scorpion.

  2. That last picture - - -LOL!

    Those others, with crickets piled up like dirt - - - - icky!

    Spiders, cockroaches and bats - - - I'm not overly fond of either of those.

  3. I can't remember exactly what year it was but it was the early to mid-fifties when a cricket invasion hit my NE Oklahoma hometown. I wasn't but about 4 or 5 but I SO remember those awful things. My dad took me to town one day and for whatever reason, he wouldn't carry me. I can still remember stepping on the crickets I couldn't avoid. YEEECCCCHHHHH!!!!!


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