Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moving Day

Moving Day came for our daughter Stephanie and family over Labor Day weekend. It's been a process of ups and downs, lefts and rights and sometimes going in circles! The 600 mile move from San Antonio was a family decision, moving to a smaller town near family had became a priority for them. Most of my life has been spent in smaller communities, so the obstacles of big city living are foreign to me.

When we lived near San Antonio, the traffic was one of the things that was an irritation. You had to allow extra time to get anywhere. I hated waiting in lines, being turned away when movies were sold out and the congestion of a big city. That said, there were many reasons I loved San Antonio. It truly was one of the most beautiful cities we had ever lived near. The Riverwalk, Mercado and downtown San Antonio are tropical paradise. The weather has brutal heat in the summers, but winters are balmy and warm. You don't even have to watch the weather's always nice! I have to brag on the people too, very friendly and often went out of their way to help another. Then there's the food...oh my, where do I start? From Tex-Mex to the German specialties, the  melting pot of a big city offers every cuisine imaginable.

We loved our time in South Texas, but Arkansas kept calling our name. It's home to us and we love the quiet lifestyle here. You can be across town in 20 minutes. You are first in line at the DMV...and they are nice! We have a favorite Mexican restaurant that we go to EVERY Friday night that is run by the Reyes family. (They would worry about us if we didn't show up!)

It's not Norman Rockwell, but it pretty close!


  1. I've never been to San Antonio but I have a good friend that lives there and my husband lived there when he was younger. (His dad was in the Air Force.) When I was younger I couldn't wait to move to a big city but that was not to be and now I'm very glad it wasn't.

  2. Good Morning Joycee! Oh my do I feel the same as you do about cities. They have their good points but people there seem to be so pre-occupied with life and always in a hurry. I moved to Wichita after living in a small ski village in the mountains of British Columbia where to get to a small city took nearly two hours. I lived a small town life for most of my life so it was culture shock moving to the city. I hated it. I rarely drove anywhere. My husband worked nights and was up by noon so if we had to go anywhere he drove...they drive crazy there! Now we live 7 miles from the nearest small town on a gravel road and I love it. Like you when we go to the DMV we never have to wait more than a few minutes if at all and the ladies smile and are friendly. What a contrast. No...give me a small town any day. We may not find the fancy beauty salons or lots of choices in restaurants but we can always drive to the city for that. If we want to. Small towns make you feel welcome and we certainly feel that way when we head into our town.
    I think your daughter made the right choice and I'm sure you are happy that they are closer to you. Enjoy your time together. Have a wonderful Wednesday!
    Maura :)

  3. i think arkansas sounds just lovely. glad when it called you, you answered. i think i would love living there!

  4. Traffic in Atlanta was the main reason my daughter and I wanted to downsize to a small town but, unfortunately, we didn't find this small town to be much like what you've described in yours... very disappointing. Happy moving day to your daughter!

  5. I like cities but do appreciate the slow down in the more rural places. It is nice for us to have Vancouver within half an hour from us or in the other direction beautiful valleys and farms.

  6. I have lived in the city and on an Island in a remote part of Maine. I did enjoy the beauty,peace and quiet, but hated the constant travel for hours sometimes to get where I needed to go.
    I am happy to be living in a medium sized town with a short drive to everything I need. We can get to the big cities if need be within an hour.
    I know your daughter will be happy having her parents close by. Enjoy each other:-)

  7. There's nothing as nice as living in a small town. DMV lines are minimal, and I love that myself, even though we have to drive to the NEXT small town for that. Living the country life at its finest....WONDERFUL!

  8. Having lived in both large cities and small towns, I can say I never want to live in a city again. It stifles my spirit and agitates my brain. Give me a small town any day.

    But I recognize that not everyone can live in that environment.

    To each his own.

  9. I like going across town in short amount of time....well actually I love it!!! I do love to visit Dallas but my small town in home!

  10. We moved to a small town of less than 5,000 four years ago and that's just our mailing address ...we live 10 miles FROM that small town. Life in the country is not for everyone. There are always fences that need mending or weeds that need whacking or a garden that needs tending. It's a lot of work, but we wouldn't have any other way.

    I'm thankful that there are city dwellers who love their lifestyle too ...otherwise, it would get too crowded in the country!

    Happy New Home to your daughter and her family!

    : )


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