Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No Boring Days Allowed!

Mom's new Home Sweet Home, Jamestown Nursing and Rehab, hosted a doll making party recently when the artsy group The Dally Lamas spent the day making dolls with the residents. Not just any dolls, these were intricate works of art. The group works in many mediums, from fabric to yarn to clay.
The dolls are fanciful, each with it's own personality. I asked if they had an idea in mind when they began or did inspiration come as they made the dolls? It was a mix, some saying they knew what they were going to make and others saying they just added until the doll was just right!

The crafters had brought their Grandkids so there were all ages making dolls.

There was some instruction, but for the most part they worked on their own...creating with their hearts and their minds.

Some of the residents participated and others like Mom just watched. They just enjoyed visiting, the way people used to do!

The dolls took shape from simple branches off a tree.

Inspiration came from a book, but there were no instructions.

Everyone had different fabrics and beads...

Driftwood and Corkscrew Willow branches were the start of this doll.

Seasoned crafters, they went to work forming their dolls out of bits and pieces.

The bodies all started with branches and wire...

Then glue and padding...

Some worked on beading for the finished dolls

SMALL beads, you have to have good eyes for this craft!

Jars of baubles and beads...

Yarns of all kinds, this one looked just like the mane of a lion!
Colorful yarns that gave the finished dolls pizazz!

It was magic to watch the dolls form right before our eyes!

Faces were made with fabric that had been bonded with felt.

Or hand painted fabric faces...

African princess faces were gilded with paint

Some of the residents made Cornhusk Dolls from the previous day's "corn shucking!" 

The best thing about Jamestown is the staff. They care about the residents. They comfort and guide them to days that are filled with purpose.

If doll making isn't your cup of tea, then they have something else planned a little later on that you're going to like.
One thing for sure, it's not going to be a boring day...Tina won't allow that!!!


  1. The dolls are truly works of art. What a wonderful place for your mom to call 'Home Sweet Home'!

  2. I agree with Oklahoma granny...Your Mother is in a wonderful home. It is apparent that there is genuine love from so many caring angels. The dolls are amazing!


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