Monday, September 13, 2010

Technical Difficulties

I've been having Technical Difficulties lately with things around the house. Last week it was the printer and I just gave up on it and got a new one. I know my limits and if I can't fix it in 3 weeks, I move on to Plan "B"...replacement.

This week it's the garage door opener. We give it a real workout at our house, up and down several times a day. Someone is always going somewhere, the poor thing gets pushed and poked, hit and slapped more than Popeye and Brutus! This morning when I went to take the recycling out to the garage, it was blinking at me like the broken printer did last week. I'm thinking now that the printer maybe had a blinking virus and now the garage door opener had caught it.
So I get the owners manual out and start reading. This broken thing is getting to me! As I was searching I flipped through all the instruction books included when I came across something that I had lost several months ago.  Misplaced is the right word.
The checkbook that went missing has been hiding inside the Liftmaster Owner's Manual all this time. The last time we had an "issue" with the garage door the checkbook must have been on the desk waiting for the chance to "jump in" the book and hide! Naughty little checkbook! 

Then this morning when I was cleaning I found an earring that I had lost a month ago. They are a favorite pair that I wear a lot. It's on the counter, can you see it?

Every day I stand here and brush my teeth, put my makeup on and stare right at it but never saw it until today.

I'd written it off as lost, gone forever when I caught a glimpse of gold sticking out from under this little accent lamp.

This is the little bowl where I dump the jewelry I wear most often. Not too organized, but it kind of matches my life!

Tomorrow I'm going to clean out this mess I call my makeup drawer and I'm hoping to find the lost hedge clippers...


  1. G'morn Joy ~ Oh, how we have had moments like these. Would you look & see if you can find my earring, too? I gave up & bought a new pair...

    Catching up with you. Great 9-11 post ... memories for each of us on that day will never be forgotten. God hold our nation close to His heart & protect us from the evils that are lurking about ...

    Love your new header ...

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. LOL, I had to wait until you got a real good closeup before I saw the earring (I have some just like them!) but there it was. Makes you feel stupid, doesn't it, but at least you found it.

    Good luck with the garage door opener. Hint: call a repairman and save yourself some anguish.

  3. Hope your technical difficulties all get resolved....we don't need that aggrivation/ha

  4. I've always heard things come in 3's. If that's true looks like you've got 1 and 2 behind you. Watch out for #3!

  5. Joycee, You have had you share of glitches lately. I hope that phase is over for now. You deserve a break.

  6. At least you found the earring before you gave up and got rid of the other one. I was not so lucky with a cordless telephone once. We got rid of the base long before I finally found the handset in my son's trumpet case.

  7. Oh boy can I relate to this one. I lost a gold earing that was my favorite for about 2 years. I looked everywhere. I even refrained from vacuuming our bedroom just in case it was hiding in the carpet! I was on my knees off and on for for weeks trying to find that thing. I know when I lost it...I was pulling off a sweater in the dark in my bedroom one evening and the next morning it was missing. I checked the sweater inside and out...nothing. About 2 years later after having spring cleaned the bedroom twice and vacuuming under the bed a few times I spotted it hooked to the slats on the furnace register. It had fallen onto the register and caught and I guess when I vacuumed it would raise up but get caught so stayed put until I too spotted something shiny. A couple of years later the same thing happened only it was never to be found. Such is life. I hope you have a wonderful day. Maura :)

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