Monday, September 20, 2010

Wooly Worm Time!

It's getting that time of year here in the Ozarks....the first spotting of the "Wooly Worms!"  Folklore says the striped ones with more brown than black forecast a mild winter. A long time ago, my ancestors paid attention to the many changes of nature and would pass along information one generation to the next.

Bolder black bands say that we are in for a cold winter. If the woolly worm has spiky protrusions, watch for ice. If it’s woolier than normal; better bundle up!

It isn't just the " Wooly Bears" that predict the weather though, there are many signs of nature that are said to be as accurate as the Weather Channel!

Ants – Higher and larger mounds mean a colder than normal winter. If they’re rushing back and forth in straight lines, rain is coming. When they go in search of food in random patterns, the weather will be good.

Bees – Nests that are built higher than usual means cold weather is ahead. They also cluster around the hive when stormy weather is approaching.

Crickets – If you need to know the temperature on the spot, count the number of chirps in a 14-second time span, add 40 to that number and you’ll be within one degree. In fact, many insects tend to be more active when it’s warmer, including the sounds they make.

Flies – If they land and bite, a rain is imminent.

Katydids – When they begin their chirping chorus, you can expect the first hard frost in 90 days.

Spiders – Seeing more of them in the fall? That means abnormally cold temperatures for the upcoming winter months.

Spider webs – If they’re flying in the wind, there will be no rain. Some swear by the fact that if a spider puts up a web, the upcoming weather will be fine. If the spider removes it, a storm is on its way.

Termites – They, too, will build taller mounds when facing unseasonable weather.

Hubby saw a white wooly worm last weekend on the front what in the heck are we in for??? I Googled it and it said they are cousins to the black and brown ones, but rarer. If they are spotted , that’s a strong indicator of heavier than average snows for the season!

Uh we go again!!! 


  1. I learn something new everyday in blogland..who says education has to be expensive? thanks Joycee..

  2. Found a totally black one last week...!!
    And a white one two days ago.......!!
    I'm confused....


  3. Interesting information. It seems, to me at least, that we've had more spiders this year than last. Hmmmm. And I'm going to have to be on the lookout for any white wooly worms.

  4. Let's hope not, though I'll take the snow, just please God, no ice storms. Spiders are taking over eastern Oklahoma this fall. They even made the news.

  5. Oh what a fun post. I hate to admit it but I think we are in for a bad winter this year from all I hear!
    I so enjoyed ~thanks for sharing~

  6. Better stock up on the staples......
    I'll be on the lookout for these!

  7. Good grief! the Wooly Worm Report! LOL!

  8. Great blog! Someone here was just talking about Wooly Bears. Hope it's a mild winter. I heard warmer but lots of snow. Yuck!

  9. Hi Joycee! So glad you stopped by my blog. I love it when new people say "hi".

    I hope we don't have a hard winter AGAIN!! We had the worst one in 10 years last winter here in Kansas. Definitely better than the ice storm 2 years before that knocked our power out for 6 days! Yikes, OK, not so hating the 90 degrees we're getting here in late September :)

  10. Hmmm, very interesting.

    We only seem to have the bees, flies and spiders. Of course, it's always rainy (in Washington), I rarely see a beehive/nest, but I do have lots and lots of spiders to help with the weather report!


  11. Joycee, there's going to be a bad winter! That's no good! And I hate caterpilars.

  12. Just in from working in the yard. What did I find? A mostly black Wooly Worm!

    Fall has rushed into the Valley and seems to be racing towards winter. Time to break out the goulash recipes!


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