Friday, December 31, 2010

Call Me!

Ben here, it's New Year's Eve and the hoomans are what else is new? I haven't seen them much the last month. They leave me here, by myself a lot. I'm really not old enough to be left alone but they put a bowl of water out and a few crunchies and expect me to amuse myself.

To tell you the truth, it's kinda nice to be alone after last week's big blowout. The Grandkids were all here, there were toys to step over, movies and games everywhere and it was hard to catch my 40 winks. If it wasn't for the extra food and snackies I would have complained.

The hoomans have started taking down some of the Christmas stuff so I know what's next and it won't be pretty. Every year about this time they run out of money. I know this for a fact because we run out of good food. They eat salad and chicken breast and broiled fish. I just wish they would budget their money better so we didn't have to do the starvation thing every year. But no, I'm just the dog so I don't have a vote. 

I want to wish all my readers a very Happy New Year and if any of you might like a house guest the next few weeks, I'm available! Just call me on my cell...555-1212!


  1. You're welcome here anytime, Ben! But I'm afraid a few days of having to share your space with all the other critters that reside here might make you wish to be home again. You have it pretty good, you know ...even with the Home Alone holidays and the starvation thing that follows every year.

    Happy to New Year to all who reside on Granny's Mountain!

    : )

  2. Happy New Year to all on Granny's Mountain. May it bring you health and prosperity. Have a wonderful celebration. Blessings...Mary

  3. This is such a great the way you showed the pictures...your decorations are lovely and it was so sweet to see the dog waiting at the door. Happy New Year!

  4. Sorry Ben, Same thing happens at our house this time of the year....But, there is hope...the IRS tax refunds will be coming in soon...!!
    Happy New Year from our crowd to your crowd..!!
    Stay safe and warm.....LindaMay, CityBoy, MaleChild, Max, Mia and Misskitty.....

  5. Ben you look so good at the door.. Cute blog.. Did they leave a radio on while the hoomans were gone? That would of given you something to listen to at least..a good talk show or good music..
    Have a great New Year's , be safe and be careful.
    Happy 2011...ta ta for now from Iowa

  6. poor ben. you could come over and hang out with poor jack. after the holiday food you probably eat i'll bet you need the same diet your owners are going on. i know i do! happy new year

  7. Dear Ben, don't you fret about not having any food or special treats. Our mommy just bought "extra" sniglets (that's what she calls treats!!!! We do wonder about her sometimes!) Come to the Hollow. We have creeks, and woods and squirrels, and birds, and chipmunks, and lots of hooman furniture that's soft and fluffy. Besides, we know where our Mommy keeps the extra soft blankets!...Your Friends...Moon & Copper

  8. Hello!!! :-)

    What a great post! Realllyyyyy good!!!! :-)

    I'm dropping by to wish you a really Happy 2011 and may your New Year be full of New Blessings!


    Luciane at

  9. Poor Ben- at least when the Hoomans are gone you can get some peace and quiet! You look quite adorable framed in the front door!

  10. Happy 2011 to you! Hoping to "visit" more often in the New Year!


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