Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Frugal Stocking Stuffers

Getting a little frazzled as the clock ticks down to Christmas? Even if you have everything else done, you may not have those fun stocking stuffers bought. If your pocketbook is much lighter like mine, then you will appreciate a few ideas from this list...

A favorite photo from the past year

Hat, mittens, or scarves

A fun pen

A new mini address book with your name added
Candy from Cracker Barrel
(they have the fun old fashioned ones that are hard to find like Cherry Mash, Chick-O-Stick and Salt Water Taffy that's a foot long!)

A deck of playing cards

A makeup bag and a cosmetic product or two

Share a favorite recipe on a decorative Recipe Card!
A great shade of nail polish

For pet lovers...a box of pet treats or a pet toy

One of the small Taste of Home paperback cookbooks

A travel guidebook for an upcoming vacation
Nice socks
Colorful Post-It notes

A kitchen tool or two
(everyone can use a new can opener, cheese slicer, potato peeler, etc.) 

A decorative bookmark
(handmade from the kiddos would make Nana and Papa very happy!)

Water bottles

Scented candles 

A small flashlight

Small gardening tools 

Travel size toiletries

Winter skin care kit
(small lip balm, hand lotion, etc.)

Christmas tree ornament
A small die-cast car, adults love them too, they remind us of our 1st Car
(that's mine, a 1963 Corvair!)

Travel alarm clock

Puzzle book
(crosswords, Sodoku)

Bubble bath, bath oils, or a nice soap

(with your photo included of course!)
Creative key chain

What if I told you there was a great site where you can print your own money for FREE...with your picture on it?
You can thank me later when the kids say, "COOL!"

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