Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Naughty List

I know two names that are now on Santa's Naughty List, Lucy and Lyric. The Hoss Boss over at Woman Who Runs With Horses described to a tee what millions of parents are facing right this very moment with the bad behavior of their "children."

Out of control, bad boys and girls. They even have specialists like SuperNanny who can give you advice how to correct their bad habits.

Amazing to me since I came from the generation that used this reward for bad behavior! Run, don't walk over to read how she corrected her "errant children"... if you are raising kids right now you will get a big kick out of it!


  1. Joycee, I, too, am glad "I'm done." There was no such thing as "time out" back then. If there was, I would have taken it myself!!!...:)JP

  2. And I had PLENTY of that particular "reward" applied liberally to my backside in my childhood days!

  3. Glad mine are grown, too, LOL! I've sure enjoyed reading around your blog and I want to say that it's nice to meet another Arkie~I live down in the Ouachitas, so we're practically neighbors!

  4. I am glad that mine are grown too. I love the Grands though. I can give them back when they misbehave!!


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