Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Happy Card!

I've been busy, busy since I visited Chickens in the Road last week. It seems most of us reached a "Grand Funk" the same day. The weight of the world is making us shed a few tears, earn some more gray hair and add some more wrinkles. I wasn't the only one feeling lower than a snake's belly, it was lots of people! After reading her post, possibly the best one I have ever read... I started to work on my HaPpY CaRd!

First I had to pick the right color of paper.

Then I needed to decide if I wanted to add sparkles and ribbon, yes to both!

Maybe some pretty markers too, after all I'm making a list.

Ten things that make me feel joyful...
1. My family, definitely my family. Even with all our faults and quirks we are an interesting bunch. We lean on each other, we confide in each other and we know for certain that we love each other.
2. Home, it makes me very happy to be inside these four walls, safe and warm/or cool. Secure knowing I have enough of everything. What a blessing that is.
3. Love, I have true love in my life. The kind that comes once in a lifetime, the kind that grows with each day, each year. I have the love of a husband and children and parents, still. My dog even loves me, I know this cause he lets me clean his ears without complaining, everyday of his life! He's a Cocker Spaniel...
4. The sun and the moon and the stars and the clouds all make me happy and joyful. It just makes me smile to look around and see green grass or blue sky or the stars up above just like they've been put there just for me.
5. A clean house makes me joyful. I love everything in it's place and a place for everything. Thank you Aunt B. for encouraging this in me years ago!
6. Cold milk with a piece of chocolate cake.
7. Baking bread or cooking for the ones I love.
8. The Past, I love reaching back for wonderful memories and the things that have been passed along to me.
9. The Future, I look forward to each stage of my life. At 58 I have to say it's pretty good right now!
10. The Security of knowing the "Best is yet to Come!"

Get your crayons out kids and make your Happy List too, it's going to make you feel like a kid again!


  1. What a great shot of that little guy...he is the example of joy for sure....

  2. Good post Joycee...I do think my word for the year is grateful..we all have so much even though sometimes we think otherwise..

  3. Well, you young whippersnapper....you do have a lot to be grateful for!

    At 71, I could use your same list....so yes, life does get better (in some respects....I need to convince my body of that!)I like my mind better now. Does that make sense? I feel more content in my own skin and in my life.

  4. I heard on the radio that yesterday (the 17th) was the saddest day of the year. More people are depressed on this day, because of several things-one being it is usually when we realize we aren't going to keep our New Year's resolutions. This year isn't as bad for me, but sometime I do get the January blues. Sounds like we all need to get our scrapbooking supplies out & get to work! You have brought a little sparkle into my day! Have a good one.

  5. I read on a blog yesterday (maybe yours?) and then heard on the news last night that yesterday was supposed to have been the saddest day of the year. Sounds like lots of people need to make a happy card/list.

  6. What a wonderful "Happy List"! Thanks for spreading some joy!

  7. I prefer not to be sad...
    Great post today~! The little boy at the end is so adorable.. Sweet~! Now that should make everyone happy just to look at that picture.
    Have a tiggeriffic day~! My list would look just like yours..good job copying mine... ha ha..
    ta ta for now from Iowa

  8. Uh... sparkly ribbon = awesome!

    Wonderful post too!

  9. Your #4 struck me the most... It's so good to take joy in the obvious (but always missed for some reason) things :) Can't get to the linked page - my computer's fault - but I think the general idea is here and I can't wait to get started on it! Thanks for posting this, there's no better time of year for some colorful sparky papers and ribbons ;)


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