Saturday, January 1, 2011

I had a disturbing dream the other night. I was back in school, in fact I was late for a test. When I walked into the classroom everyone else had their paper and pencils out ready to begin. The instructions had already been given and I had arrived unprepared. The professor was stoic when I asked for paper and pencil, he glared at me in the most disapproving way. I searched the desk, finding many spent notebooks but none that had even one blank page. Finally, I came across a notepad with an imprint of a firetruck in reds and blacks. The lone pen I had wouldn't show up on the paper. Time was ticking away and I was terrified I wouldn't be able to turn in anything unless I could find something to write on. Thumbing through the notebooks, I finally found one blank page. It was then I realized I was without instructions what to write.

I know why I dreamed this. I've been trying to think what to write for the first post of the year. Not a test in anyway, my blogs are mostly my life and observations. I've said many times it's the voices in my head! I think the dream can be compared to life though. We arrive unprepared for many of lifes' tests. There are no instructions for raising children or happy marriages. Both take a lot of work and dedication to task. Along the way we lose our pencil, have professors who judge us as worthless and feel inept. We keep the feelings of high school with us a long time, dreaming that we are late for class. I've dreamed variations of that dream, arriving without clothes on or unable to find the classroom.

I guess that feeling of inadequacy never leaves us, no matter how old we are or how much we feel we've learned. The fact is, we learn something new everyday...or at least we have the opportunity of learning. I hope I never close my mind to new things or my heart to new adventures. I just hope I have my pencil and paper with me so I can write it down for the blog!

Happy New Year!


  1. Joycee, you are far from inadequate on your blog!! Some people simply "exist". Others, like us, chose to embrace life as we follow the path that's been handed to us!...:)JP

  2. My friend has a very similar dream, she arrives for an Irish exam, totally unprepared and Naked!!!!!

    Never any need to fret over your posts, they are always wonderful/informative/entertaining.

    Every best wish for 2011.

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours. Looking forward to reading many wonderful observations from you in 2011 - know they will be wonderful.

  4. Joycee,
    I've been a writer my entire life and one thing I do is keep a notebook and TWO pens in my purse at all times. That way I am able to make notes at a concert or movie or of an observation or a poetic thought that pops into my head and I might record it before it flies away.
    I love your dream and your interpretation of it! I am 52 and still have the dream where I can't find my locker and when I do, I can't remember my combination. Oh, and the one where I show up with my bra on, but no top. And I don't realize it until I'm at school.
    Happy New Year! XO, Cheryl

  5. happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Happy New Year! I've always told my kids and now the grands that you should learn at least one new thing every day.

  7. Happy New Year, Joy ~ You are just one beautiful & refreshing gal in bloggyville ... so look forward to every word. Thank you for your friendship, & the many new moments of 'joy' we shall share.

    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  8. I have had that "arriving at school naked" dream. Wouldn't you love to have that interpreted.
    Dreams are an interesting thing. I have had several over my life repeatedly....

    You sure shouldn't stress over your Blog. I enjoy it just as is and read daily.

    Hope the New Year brings you many blessings.

  9. I have recurring dreams about missing the school bus! You'd think after all these decades...

    Yes, we do show up unprepared for a lot of life's events. Thank God they aren't all pass or fail!


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