Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just a Skift

The GRANDson's were praying for snow, and this morning when they woke up...their prayers were answered! I can remember that delicious feeling when you heard on the radio that "School has been cancelled due to inclement weather." Possibly 8 of the most glorious words in a child's vocabulary! I also remember the salt in the wound, pure heartbreak when a few flakes of snow didn't result in a day off. You'd drag yourself to school, mad at the world and it would be the longest day of your life! On Monday we had a skift of snow. A skift is an old Southern term meaning less than a 1/4" of snow. Some people call it a "dusting," my folks always called it a close to skift I can't say for sure!

Yesterday I looked in the pantry and decided I best make a trip to town to stock up, just in case. Just in case the weathermen are wrong about the 1-2" predicted. They could be wrong and then if it came a big snow I might want to make stew for the whole neighborhood so I stocked up on some canned veges, and some broths and canned fruit so we'd be prepared.

 Missouri women are taught at their Mother's knee to put food aside for times when you can't go to the store. There was a period of about 5 years in California and later 5 years in Texas that put a kink in my habits. No need to stock up there, the days are always nice. I always felt like I should be stocking up though, old habits are hard to break!

We are to be in the "deep freeze" this week with highs only in the 20's and lows dipping to single digit. Not a good time to be out in the elements. So glad I can stay inside, wear my fleece and watch the birds!

Just last weekend GRANDson Gavin was wanting to go explore this cave that's exposed now with the lake being low. It's going to have to be much warmer to do that! Can you see the icicles on the side of the bluff? BRRR!

 Home again, home again, jiggety-jog...

It took me about 10 minutes to unload it all, I bought enough to last...just in case!


  1. That first picture is just precious and I have to say I was tempted to go to the grocery and stock up but then I remembered I live in Arizona:)

  2. It's cold here today too. I'm baking cornbread as I type this. It's a soup and cornbread for lunch day.

  3. Winter time is soup time.. I always go to the store to get extra groceries just in case the weather man says "Major snowstorm headed out way". Living in the country if the electricity goes off one has no power, no way to flush the stool and no water. So in my basement I have 6 gallon milk jugs filled with water.. so we have water to at least flush the stool.. I buy gallon jugs of water for drinking. One has to be prepared for a big storm..
    LOVE the squirrel picture.. cute,cute,cute~!
    have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa

  4. That squirrel is so cute that I would HAVE to give him/her a name. How about fluffy? LOL Very cute!!

  5. Beef stew with fluffy dumplings here in NE OK! We got more than a "skift", but not more than an inch or two of accumulation. It was sure pretty for awhile...

  6. No snow for us, it's a rare thing in central Texas. We had about an inch one day last winter, so I figure it will be five years or so before it happens again.

    Stocking up is always good. Nothing quite as cozy as a FULL PANTRY on a winter's day.

    : )

  7. "skift." Not a word you hear every day. How about "larder?" That is what I call it when you are laying in supplies. People used to make fun of me for that because for eighteen years I lived within walking distance of a grocery! You never know when you might need to tie a rope to the house so you can get back- just like on Little House! We've got 5-6 inches or so and dug made chicken on the fire tonight.
    Stay warm! hugs, Cheryl

  8. We got a skiff too! That is the term always used in my neck of the woods.

    Actually the other snow was the skiff/skift. This time we got about 2 inches. No need to stock up my larder. Three freezers full, the milk cow, the chickens (which are now laying a little). My mother was a hoarder....guess that is where it comes from. My Iowas Sis does it too.
    My daughter said I am the only person she knows that can cook almost anything requested at any time without a trip to the store.

    The pictures are wonderful. I had to enlarge the cave....I thought that was water in front of it at first. Caves scare me......don't let him go inside it please.

  9. I love knowing about "skift!" We say "skiff" but I've never seen it written down or defined before now. I love words. :)


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