Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lighten Up

Peter Walsh who is the mastermind behind the show Clean Sweep on TLC has written a book to help people live clutter-free lives titled "Lighten Up: Love What You Have, Have What You Need, Be Happier with Less.” Clutter goes a step further if you watch any of the proliferation of shows about hoarding.

When the stuff starts coming out the seams of a house, you know there's a problem

Hoarding doesn't have to be messy, it can be in the form of piles of books...

...or rows of cans.

Hoarders, Animal Hoarders, Buried Alive... I find these shows disturbing so I don't watch. I may be the only person not watching though, their ratings are through the roof. Does that apply to anyone in this house...uhh, no! If you rang my doorbell right now,  I might not be dressed for the day but I can tell you for certain that my house would be clean. That's just how I roll. I just don't go to bed unless it's picked up, not spotless eat-off-the-floor clean, but the kind of clean that is ready for company. It's not cluttered...but it is stuffed. I need this book. He said most of us are guilty of buying too much. Your downfall may be clothes, or shoes, or maybe you are like me and like linens. Oh how I love good sheets and towels. There's nothing as good as crawling into bed on smooth sheets, rich in thread count and silky to the touch. And don't get me started on tablecloths, napkins or pillows. Yep, I have a problem! I have dishes for summer, winter and holidays, dishes for the boat, glasses of every shape and size, flatware for a small army. I have officialy ran out of room to store any more, so I've solved that problem...I'm passing some on to daughters!
Hoarding must start like this, a love of things. The need for plenty in our lives and somehow it just goes haywire. So, I've been purging, slowly but surely the closets are getting pared down, the dishes will be shared and my car has almost forgot it's way to Tuesday Morning. Almost...

The bad news is that Ross Dress for Less is opening soon. I'm in big trouble!

*The word "later" is the best friend of clutter. ~Peter Walsh


  1. Joycee, linens and dishes are my weakness also. Especially vintage ones...anything not made in China. There is just something wrong with Spode and Waterford made in China now...sad but true.

  2. Hi again..yes, I have been reading the Burrow and Beyond the Brick Wall...very interesting..

  3. I think as a whole we are a very spoiled nation with way too much STUFF. After a recent major move to a new state (after 20+ years), I was amazed at all the things I had accumulated. Another 2-3 moves and I might have it down to manageable.... :)

  4. Loved this!! I need to look here at the library for that book. I don't watch the Hoarder show either, cause I don't have paid for tv! I think I've done a FABULOUS job of decluttering my house - but I still have way too many dishes. I just love them. Must be connected to the love of cooking, ya think?

  5. We have a gal in our neighborhood that was on the hoarder show.. OH my goodness.. I couldn't believe she got all that stuff in her house and in big piles~!
    Glad I don't have that problem but I do need to do some sorting and cleaning it out of my house.
    have a great day..ta ta for now from Iowa

  6. Each year, I eliminate a few more things from each linen closet and my walk-in closet. It's almost time to start for this year...:)JP

  7. Those hoarder shows scare me... I think most of us can use a little decluttering in our lives but not like that!

    I remember the show on the Discovery channel. I may have to check that book out. I know it's time for a little new year or early spring cleaning in my home ;)


  8. Oh man - I have to take this on board!


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