Sunday, January 16, 2011

You've Got Mail!

Dr. Bill Thomas' Changing Aging is a very interesting blog that has changed the lives of elders with his Eden Alternative, his concept has changed nursing homes for the better. Friday I saw a comment that Ashleigh Burroughs who writes The Burrow on Blogspot was injured in the Tucson Arizona attack last weekend.  Her daughter, "Little Cuter" posted this the following day....

"As most of you probably know by now, my mom attended the Congress on your Corner event yesterday at her local Safeway. Just as she reached the front of the line to shake Ms. Gifford's hand a gunman appeared and began shooting with an automatic weapon. My mom was shot three times.That's a sentence I never thought I'd have to type."

"Right this very minute my mom is in the ICU with her leg in a traction. She suffered a wound to her left chest, one to her abdomen, and a third to her right hip. She is incredibly lucky that none of her organs were hit, even though one of the bullet's entry wounds was in her abdomen. She has been taken care of by some fantastic and proficient doctors and nurses, and a wonderful social work team.My mom is the toughest broad I've ever met. She is awake and talking and cracking wise and we can all rest assured that the woman we love is still here, kicking major ass."

To all of you who have reached out already: I love you. Your thoughts have honestly been felt even if they were from many states away. The amount of love we are receiving is staggering, and we are incredibly thankful for all of you. Please continue to send out your best "healing vibes" (as we like to call them) and "special strength vibes" for the moments when we will be reaching in to our reserve tanks."

I started reading Ashleigh's posts and immediately we had a connection. Her Mother too has demenita/Alzheimers. Post after post, years of them she is dealing with the decline of her Mother's mental abilities. Her outlook, her love and devotion to her Mother and her family is so apparent in her outlook on life. I love the writing and the humor about a subject that is so difficult to have anything to smile about. It's heart wrenching, real stuff that strikes a cord with all of us who are dealing with this disease. I think we need to give Ashleigh some mail to read while she's recovering...go over to The Burrow for a visit and be sure to tell her we are keeping her in our prayers!

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