Friday, November 25, 2011

Never leave children alone with flour

You may have seen this on FaceBook already.... all I can say is this is a God.Fearing.Mom who somehow managed to keep her cool! It does say at YouTube that she was in the bathroom sick while her two boys were busy making Frosty Land. Oh my, all I could think of while watching it was how I would clean it up... what does that say???


  1. Joycee
    I saw this on the news. Poor Momma!
    I was thinking the same thing as you. How would she ever get that flour out of that sofa?

  2. This happened to me 28 years ago. After Spring cleaning my house; I came home from working the midnight shift to find my 4 yr old had taken a 5# bag of unopened flour and spread it throughout the place! It was into the oval rug, the box springs, mattresses, all over the floors and carpets! I called my dad. All I said was "you better come and get Ryan or I'm going to kill him". He said, "I'll be right there". And he was. This poor woman - 2 kids!! My heart goes out to her!!

  3. saw this on NBC nightly news. :)

  4. I came home to the explosion of baby powder whooshed all over my house. Husband was sleeping in the chair..
    I took the kids (4) and gave him the empty huge baby powder container and said "I'm taking the kids out to supper ~ have a great time cleaning this all up".. It was a shock to find but we laugh about it now. Whoosh~! Whoosh~! I wasn't mad I was just surprised... When we got home he had it all cleaned up..
    He used the shop vac...
    Feel sorry for this gal ~ but in later years she will always remember the day the snowman threw up all over her things.. Sweet inocent..
    Thanks for sharing ~ have a blessed day ~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  5. Heck, flour is EASY! When my grandsons were little, Skeeter brought them over to me because they got up early and got into a can of paint. Thank God it was latex paint. I cleaned up the boys. She went back home and cleaned up the apartment, and nearly got evicted over that one.

  6. Kids can get into a bit of trouble, so they need to be as watched as possible. Richard

  7. I saw this and I'm not buying it for a minute. There was way too much evenly placed flour all over the room. Kids aren't strong enough to do that with a 5lb. bag of flour, in my opinion. I think it would be dumped in one general area. However, I was truly concerned about the kids lungs, regardless of how it got there.

  8. I'm with Ms A. on this one. Too much flour in such a short time. Seems like today people will do anything to get a lot of hits on youtube or get on America's Funniest.

  9. I'm not buying this for a second. I'm with Ms. A and grandelights on this one for a couple of reasons. My first tip off was her strange, may I say bizarre and fake, behavior. She just wasn't acting like how you would in this situation. You'd be freaking out if it really happened. You may not be screaming or mean, but you'd at least show some true shock and surprise, which the narrator didn't. Her behavior was actually creepy and I had a hard time listening to her. Then the placement on the couches was just too perfect.

  10. Hmmmm, after reading the previous comments, I don't know what to beieve now. A mess either way.


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