Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I am the Champion!

Christmas Eve was a busy day, we visited my father-in-law at the nursing home then had lunch with my mother-in-law at her new digs, Brookstone Assisted Living. It was a delicious meal, very enjoyable and then we came home to get ready for our Christmas celebration with the kids. I had made a big pan of lasagna to pop in the oven after we opened gifts, so there was some free time before company arrived. My mother-in-law and I set down on the loveseat looking over her new Facebook page. Surprised that she had so many friends after only a month, she asked me where friends come from on Facebook. I think it's pretty dang amazing that she's learning how to use her new smartphone... she clicks the Facebook icon and sees new messages daily from new friends. "Where are they all coming from and how do they know where to find me," she wanted to know. I said, "Well, when one friend adds you their friends see you and then they recognize you from church or maybe a relative and then another relative and so on and so forth." We set there reading and clicking this person and that person, looking at pictures and finding old friends. She's enjoying it even if she doesn't know how it works!

Once the kids arrived mid-afternoon it was crazy, noisy and in no time we had trashed the living room with boxes, paper and bows! We opened JOKE GIFTS first, it's so much fun finding the "perfect gift" for everyone! The rules state it has to be something used, re-gifted or dumpster dived but being the rule breakers that we are... some of this year's gifts were brand new. By the way, Grandma's new elf socks won for Best Joke Gift! 

Contenders for the coveted award was a 1970's model of Dr. Scholl's Foot Massager with heat... in Harvest  Gold no less and a pair of NICE underpants complete with purple and orange Naughty and Nice socks. Yeah, we bad... we make you model your embarrassing gifts!

These too failed to make the cut, a perfect little Charlie Brown Tree, a perfectly preserved Harvest Gold and Burnt Orange Mushroom arrangement and the Best Seller "Who Moved My Cheese? All LOSERS... I am in possession of the coveted Golden Cup for a whole year until someone can bump me from the TOP! I am the Champion my friend... cause I am the Champion of the World! 


  1. Replies
    1. Oh it is, we all eat up the embarrassing stuff!

  2. Sounds like lots of fun!

    1. Grandma joined right in, those socks were made for HER!

  3. That arrangment was a knockout and ken's modeling was superb! I'm coming for you next year!

    1. I do love my mushroom arrangement, have wanted one for 42 years and I now it's MINE! Ken, you are a brave soul for modeling your underwear... you KNOW I'm gonna blog it!

    2. ...bring it on Stephanie, I'm looking early this year!


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