Monday, December 17, 2012

Newtown's Children

Newtown's children... who simply were present for another day at school, parents who dropped them off without a second thought for their safety. As a nation we are shocked and saddened, everyone feels this latest attack to our core. Reporters can barely report the events, our President choked with emotion as he made a statement Friday afternoon. Just 11 days till Christmas they were making Gingerbread Houses in the classrooms, choir classes were singing carols and trays of cookies set on teacher's desks. Without any warning, for no reason that can possibly be explained, the violence that took the 26 lives at Sandy Hook Elementary has stopped us in our tracks. The joy we felt leading up to Christmas is gone.

How can we end this, how can we ever make schools safe, malls safe, theaters safe? What is making our society so very sick?  The killers often come from families just like ours, parents who work hard and devote their lives to raising happy children. How does a child ever grow up to commit such an act of evil? 

We all hold our children a little closer, praying for comfort and healing to those who lost so much in Friday's tragedy.


  1. Tough questions for tough times. Prayers for strength and courage for the families to go on.

  2. Still unfathomable. And I don't see how anyone could be so insane that they would feel justified and satisfied in doing such a hideous thing.

    1. Exactly, the insane mind couldn't plan the way that these murders require.


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