Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I don't have time to bake...

Yes you do!!! Lots of great ideas out there for EZ quick-to-fix,"Make and Run" recipes that are perfect for the crazy days we are having right now! If you have 30 minutes or even LESS to spare, you can whip up any of these great recipes or ideas...

Pepperoni slices and cheese will make these favorite appetizers!

Candy canes, Oreos and Almond Bark flavor microwave popcorn for that person on the "Naughty List!"

A Christmas wreath you can eat! A must-have recipe for holiday gatherings, this mini sausage wreath is simple and quick to make and is a cute centerpiece for your table of Christmas hors d’oeuvres.

Just like the elves in Santa's workshop, you can turn a few bags of microwave popcorn into the perfect teacher/neighbor/or child's gift for pennies! Those elves are so smart...

Having an old fashioned Christmas this year? So pretty hung on the tree or in the windows...I bet you remember how. If not, here's an instructional pdf to share with your kids!

So much fun to have on the table Christmas Day! Another old English tradition, the tubes are filled with candy, coins and small toys... grown ups love them too!

If you're looking for a way to make a child's Christmas Wishes extra special, let them find a letter from Santa in the mailbox! Several letters to choose from, download and print for the little ones on your list!

Ho HO Ho!


  1. These ideas are so clever! I finally decided on snowmen cupcakes to make and give to the neighbors. They are cute, fast and easy. A great combination!

  2. What fun ideas! And 'easy' is so important this time of year.


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