Thursday, May 29, 2014


 Do you ever just accidentally do something, but for the life of you not have a clue how you did it? Technologically challenged, it doesn't prevent me from buying Smartphones and iPads to improve my life. Somewhere along the way I do learn a new trick or two, repeating it may be the problem! 

 The photos that popped on my iPad were these 3 gifs, is that what they're called? Well, I don't know how it made existing still shots move magically but I had to share! It's been a stressful 3 weeks, Mother's Day was the start of our run of bad luck when a limb fell from outer space and pierced our roof. 

It went all the way through the roof into the attic space above the garage. We're still waiting on the roofers and it's rained every. single. day. since this happened. Murphy's Law I guess.

Then Tuesday we were headed to Walmart when my car made a funny noise, kind of "chug ker-plunk." A quick call to the dealer and they sent a wrecker to come get it. One car down, but we had another in the wings to make the trip. If we'd just known a Dodge truck was going to back into us, well... we'd have stayed home.

Some days are just like that, not much you can do but smile and go on. A little lipstick on that smile doesn't hurt either!

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