Sunday, January 24, 2010

Strangers In Our Lives

Many times in my life I've come across strangers in grocery lines, paying a bill or sitting next to them at a vet's office with one of our critters. I used to be one who developed a 'profile' about a person in minutes. Over time & with maturity I've learned if not from my own experiences then from those who I took the time to listen to, that all is not what it often seems. Once again, I'm glad I listened.

I met a lady at the vet's the other day. She waited patiently for her name to be called but in the meantime, sat and shared her story while giving my puppy some neighborly lovin. She told me how she and her husband had been coming to this vet for years and they trusted them explicitly. She had to leave her pup for a visit for a few days to go to the hospital as she was having trouble with her "tricky ticker," she needed her meds adjusted. I listened to her story and then asked "And where is your husband today?" She smiled and said, "You know he got me this dog 14 plus years ago. He wasn't feeling too good and didn't want me to be lonely. He had cancer and before he got too sick he wanted to take me out and pick out a dog. I've had her ever since. He's been gone and he was right, I got lonely."

Just then her name had been called and her little pooch was brought up for her. She scooped up that dog who was nearly blind and deaf and she loved on it so much. I asked her, "What did you name it?"I thought she didn't hear me as she was scooping up her credit card and invoice. She looked over at me and said,

"I call her Honey, this way I'm never lonely and it feels like he never left."


  1. I love this post...I love to have little chats with people that are waiting in line etc....I get such a good feeling most every time...everyone just wants to be acknowledged and it doesn't take much...a few kinds words, a simple smile or a touch on the sholder. I think I learned it from my mom and dad...they were always so kind to everybody...and still are.

  2. What a sweet story and I love hearing them. I have a reverse sort of tale that is funny but true.

    My grandmother and grandpa both loved all sorts of animals so my grandpa didn't mind much when my grandmother brought home a mynah bird. My grandmother had a habit of yelling, "How-ward (with and upward pitch on the second syllable)," every day when she walked in the door at 5:10, mainly just letting my grandpa know she was home from work. My grandparents lived next door to my uncle's place of business so she worked in the office until she was 78 and her son (my uncle) finally retired!!!

    Anyway, when my grandpa died we all discovered what gift the bird had for all the family. It came as such a surprise when a few months after the funeral as my grandmother opened the door at 5:10 the bird began to call out "How-ward." Animals and people are such a pair.

  3. Oh, That made me cry. No really. What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing that, and thanks, even more, for stopping to listen to her when she needed someone to hear her.

  4. Oh, my, Joycee. This post hit my heart. I loved both the story and the message. I, too, have judged people too quickly and found out my assumptions were totally wrong.

    This was a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. What a sweet story! It is always nice to talk with strangers when you are at a doctor's office. I always learn something from it. Whether it is something good or sometimes bad but it is always interesting!

  6. You have an ear for the beautiful and words to share it with the rest of us. This was lovely, Joycee.

  7. Such a sweet story.
    god bless this woman and "Honey".

  8. That was so touching. There are definately different "seasons" in our lives and I think we appreciate people more the older we get.
    What a sweet lady and how wonderful that the dog could give her such comfort.
    And you are great Joycee with a wonderful listening ear :D

  9. What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing this. It is a beautiful statement of love and caring.

  10. No doubt, dog is the man best friend! My dog always by my side whenever my children not around.


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