Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now

Life is all about stages. Childhood, teenage, on your own, newly married, pregnant (men go through this stage as well, we make them whether they want to or not), raising kids, raised kids, and then comes 50. Around that age almost all of us start to hold the paper a little further away, read cans at the grocery store by squinting and give up on the small print.

One day you just can't take it anymore and you go buy your first pair of reading glasses.
That should be enough, one pair.

Time goes on like it does, and you need another pair in the kitchen so that when you make a recipe the next time you won't add a cup of salt when it says 1 teaspoon. That really ruins a recipe.

You begin to notice a pattern at this point. Where ever you are, your glasses aren't. And by now you HAVE to have them, your arms are simply not long enough.

One for the living room to read a magazine while you watch TV.

One for the study so you can see when you're on the computer.

One for the bedroom so you can see the darn remote buttons!

Then one for your purse...

and one for the car when you forget to bring the one for your purse.
The problem is now of gargantuan size, especially if you add in your husband's stash of glasses!
We are both at the same stage of "OLD," 2.50...


  1. I've got just one thing to say.


  2. Very funny! Unfortunately, I am so blind that these just make the blur bigger! Trifocals make the world come into focus. Now if only I could keep up with them. I told My Love only yesterday that they should come with a built-in GPS tracker.


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  4. Frankly, I need a pair real soon! Just can't take it anymore.


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