Monday, September 26, 2011

It's really beginning to look fallish here on Granny Mountain. When I drove into town on Friday, the first colors of the season were showing. It's probably not going to be a very colorful autumn since we had such high temps and no rain. We are finally getting down into the 40's at night now with days in the 70's and 80's, perfect. fall. weather.

I can't imagine living anywhere else, a dangerous mindset if you work for a company that has transferred us many times. A few more years before retirement so it's always in the back of my mind. We have moved often; from the Midwest, to the Gulf coast, to the West coast, to the East coast and then back to the Midwest.

Most of our transfers went well, one did not. A transfer one cold January to North Carolina started off like all the others; Hubby goes on to the new location, list house, go for house buying trip, sell house. The night before the movers came we had an ice storm. They almost cancelled, but they didn't and it was a hard day for everyone getting everything, including a vehicle into the moving van without falling down. We flew onto NC and waited for our furniture and vehicle to arrive a few days later. I wasn't expecting the phone call we got at the motel telling me the moving van was on it's side in Knoxville, TN. The ice storm followed an Easterly course, making the roads dangerous and slippery. Everything we owned was on that van. It's a sickening feeling to realize you may lose possessions that mean so much. Not tv's or refrigerators, I'm talking about the china that my Grandmother has passed along lovingly to me...the pottery that our daughters had made in grade school...the gun cabinet that my Father-In-Law had made for us one Christmas. The van arrived in a few days. Unloading piece by piece we had broken furniture, dinged appliances and of course the vehicle was damaged even though it had been "chocked" with huge wrapped boards. As I unpacked boxes I was surprised that the things wrapped in packing paper amazingly were fine. I did another "Happy Dance" that day when I unpacked Grandma's china, not one piece broken! Insurance paid for all of the loss and like so many times in our life, the things that were the MOST important were just fine.
Possessions are just things. Things can be replaced.
Family is the true wealth, family and good health.
Everything else is just a bonus!


  1. I think moving is right up there with childbirth in being a stressful thing to do. Prayers for your family as they make the move.

    The Raggedy Girl

  2. I too have moved so much i've become a pro at packing and uhaul loading. We don't hire anyone as it's usually close enough it's not worth the extra. But boy if I don't go bat sh*t crazy for a few days in between the two places. Hopefully I will not have to move for a good long time now.

    Very happy to hear your daughter is coming close to home for you. That should be very exciting! Hugs. Tammy

  3. I know you are excited for your daughter to be close by. Hope everything goes smoothly.

  4. congratulations !!!! I know that you will enjoy your family soooo much!!!! My brother and his family just moved here from Texas!!! Its awesome to say lets have lunch!!!! or let me pick the kids up from school today!!!! priceless!!

  5. I am so happy for you, I'm doin' a little happy dance right now. I'll take any reason to do a happy dance. I've been here on the Ponderosa, middle of nowhere USA for almost 37 years. Never packed up the homestead and moved before. I'm in awe of all you gals who can do that. Enjoy your family and have a blessed evening.

  6. Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. I was brought up in southwestern AR. Love the Ozarks!

    Congratulations on having your family moving closer to you! I have a son in AR, one in TX, and a dau. in NM. Hard to get to see everyone with us so far apart.

  7. Sounds wonderful! Your daughter is going to move in nearby. You'll be able to see her often then, how nice! I've been shifting for more then 10 times, really tiring! I just bought a house nearby and hope that would be the final...


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