Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Learning new tricks, woof woof!

My sister in law was talking about Selectric typewriters the other day. In the 1960's it was top of the line, the fastest way to get documents out. Lots of changes over the years and keeping up with those changes is challenging. Not as easy as it sounds because the rules change daily. I evidently didn't get the memo years ago, I saw on Facebook yesterday that PR Daily says we need to wake up and smell the printer ink...double spacing after a period is so over. They are an online source for public relations, social media and marketing specialists, they should know.

Back when I was in Mrs. Spradlin's typing class in 1968, we were taught that proper spacing after a period was two spaces. If you didn't make those two spaces, it was wrong and you went home with a big red check mark. There were years after high school that my fingers didn't touch a typewriter. I was occupied with wiping kids noses, clipping coupons and cooking breakfast/lunch/dinner. When I got on the computer in 1990, my dial up AOL was a whole new world to me. Lots of sites to visit, email and if I had the patience to set and wait for each page to load...
I was surfing the web!

Now there are new words, new punctuation and new rules. No more double space after a period. What would Mrs. Spradlin say?

she wouldn't like sentences that start with out capitals either

or the dots that I LOVE to use...

or the ♥ or the ☺

She'd give me a big red


  1. oh my...I remember those days..I love that typing class. I think I was the fastest...that is why i love blogging..there are no rules!

  2. I didn't know this one! I seem to have forgotten most of my grammar, punctuation and spelling anyway so I am right up to date.

    I know some authors are even writing books now using little punctuation beyond a period to end sentences.
    Cormac McCarthy comes to mind.

  3. Oh boy, I am from the old school too. I am used to doing the spacing after the period but love to do the .... and xo too!!

  4. It took me awhile to learn not to double space after a period.

  5. i had noticed a couple of folks didn't use the double space anymore after the end of a sentence. i, of course, don't capitalize in comments anymore!

  6. Thank goodness I never took typing, I would be a wreck right now!!!!!!

    Wait a minute,....; I am!

  7. I will continue to use two spaces, my dot dot dot and capital letters when necessary. When I don't have the time to do it right, I'll just stop doing it, period. There are enough changes around, to more than accommodate the need for some things to remain the same. Plus, it's hard to teach an old dog, new tricks. Woof!


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