Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Today is my dearly beloved's birthday and we are off on a trip down memory lane. You know I'll share it with you when we get back! I wanted to have a birthday post just for him on his special day, but I don't think I can top this one I did back in 2009....

When you get older, there's not too much hulabaloo that goes on around your birthday like when you were a kid. Most of the time we just get a few gifts, have cake and that's it. So yesterday when I went shopping for his cake, I wanted something special...something that would make him remember this day.

"Older Than Dirt," that's just mean and anyway,
he might get me the same cake on my birthday!

Maybe a "theme" cake, he likes to fish...

This is more up his alley, he would like the extra gift inside too!

This one says "Epi Barfday 2 My Beloved," sweet!

"Happy Briday" that a Friday Birthday?

"Happy Barthday," but this one's for Omar!

"Congratulations on Completing your jail sentence"...nope doesn't fit!

Now who would buy this one???

This one says, "You're Thirtee Won"...too young!

"Half way 2 30"...this won't work either.

"Happy Birthday The Big 2 Sex" It's been 34 years since he was 26!

This girl needs more practice!

Too scary!

Balloons too small...

Balloons too large...

Balloons during tornado season. I just want something different than everyone else's cake to show him that I went that extra mile to make his day memorable. Oh, I see it! In the back of the bakery case just waiting for me to come along and choose it for Hubby's Big Day! I can't wait to serve a slice with a big scoop of ice cream...

Where do you think I ought to put the candles???


  1. That last cake sure is an original :-). Happy Birthday to your husband!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Sweetie! I love seeing those cake wrecks, and boy have I had a few myself thru the years :) -Tammy

  3. I just got an email from a friend and she thought I had REALLY bought that awful gopher cake! I just took his REAL cake out of the oven, a triple dark chocolate bundt cake...funny that's may favorite too!
    joy c. at grannymountain

  4. You are too funny girl....
    Of course its chocolate...I am the only person on earth that wants lemon pound cake for my birthday.
    But my dear would have loved your hubby's cake too .Course that is what he always got..Chocolate cake, chocolate pies , chocolate cookies,, chocolate what ever...

    Hope he had a great birthday.

  5. Hi Joycee,
    My goodness these cakes are all just so hilarious!
    ~Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    Thank you very much for your kindness and encouragement on my latest blog post. It's so nice to have great blog friends like you. I really appreciate it.

    ~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  6. Those are too funny! Jail sentence/ha
    Happy Birthday to your sweetie!

  7. I tried decorating a cake last month and it turned out hideous. Tasted fine but the icing is not my forte.

  8. Those cakes are a crack up but a triple chocolate bundt sounds SO good! Hope he had a happy day!!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday to your husband, Joycee! Well, I'm showing this post to my kids and they laughed like hell...ha ha ha!

  10. What a handsome little boy! Happy Birthday! Love the cute and funny cakes. Man, that last one would be hard to cut into. It looks like it would squeal. You enjoy that fire over there.

  11. You gave him the best birthday cake of all; one made with love from you!

    Tell him it is all downhill from here! (just kidding) sort of.

  12. Happy birthday to your dearly beloved, Joycee. Ahhh, to be (only) 50 again!

    I remember when birthday cakes were ALWAYS homemade. Those are the best!

  13. That last cake just freaked me out! I sorta jumped out of my seat when it suddenly appeared on my screen...He is not apt to appear in my illustrations any time soon! Funny!


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