Friday, December 25, 2009

A Christmas Letter

Families across this country are facing tough times these days. So, I’ve been thinking of the things that made my childhood Christmases so special. Ok, here goes!

1.Christmas candy. I really liked the ribbon candy that they used to sell, you know it’s like the hard candy only it was flat and swirled back and forth like an S. Grandma would have it when we would come and it was so yummy.
2.The smell of Christmas trees. Trees don’t smell good anymore because practically everyone has an artificial tree. And most people don’t have evergreens outside their doors so they can get a whiff of that cold wintry aroma. It gets you in the mood for Christmas and gift giving and sleigh riding.
3.Christmas music. Sad, but a lot of people say they don’t like it anymore. The radio stations start playing in October and then wonder why we get tired of hearing it. If you are feeling irritable when you listen to the radio, buy/download YOUR favorites, there’s no shame in loving Burl Ives or the Chipmunks album! Whatever flips your switch…
4.Christmas cookies. You simply cannot get through the holidays without having a plate of Christmas cookies. The old fashioned sugar cookies with icing and sparkly decorations on top. That’s what was wrong with the Grinch, no one brought him any cookies!
5.Presents. Think about this one. What were your favorite gifts when you were little? You can’t ask this question to your Grandkids, theirs’ are Wii’s and Playstations and video games that cost $50. But us old people who grew up in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s got things like dolls (they just opened and closed their eyes and came with a blanket), tea sets, pop guns or bats and balls. We wore clothes with no designer name, lived in homes that cost less than $10,000 and walked nearly everywhere we went. None of us had more than one phone, or one TV or one car. Remember the gift exchange at school when you got something that probably cost less than a dollar, hey probably less than 50 cents, and you were THRILLED?

We count our blessings of good health, family and a place to call HOME and we have everything we need and more.

Wishing you and Old~Fashioned Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. This was a great post...hope your Christmas was great too !


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