Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jokin' Around

Sarah over at Cottage Garden Studio had a wonderful post this week with some very insightful ideas on accessing 2009 and planning the New Year's goals. Not necessarily resolutions, she uses a different approach. She said if she is honest with herself and called them hopes and goals, she was much more likely to keep them. Every year Hubby and I tie on the feed bag from Thanksgiving to Christmas, packing on about 5-10 pounds. Then AFTER New Year's Day we vow to eat healthy, count calories and be good. If it was just the 10 pounds to lose we could do it. But the bigger picture is below...

These panties were a joke gift we opened on Christmas Eve! We drew names then shopped at the Thrift Store, buying the funniest, silliest, most embarrassing gifts we could for each other. Mine was actually orange houseshoes but the panties given to daughter Stephanie needed to be modeled so I volunteered!

SON~in~law Ken and Dearly Beloved Jerry got great outfits!

This Valentine "Flasher" was a favorite!

My New Year's Resolution is to be ready for pictures like this, my goal is to never be caught with a pedicure that looks like this ever again!!

Happy New Year!


  1. haha... what great photos! Thanks for sharing. I could see that you all had fun. Glad you did too! Btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you & your love ones. May your new year be the blessful & prosperous one! Cheers.
    Best wishes, Kristy

  2. Thats funny...the panties are a hoot! have a great year, looking forward to blogging with you..HAPPY NEW YEAR! Come say hi :D

  3. I am LOVING your blog! I am so glad you followed mine so I could FIND you! I hope you have a most blessed new year and I look forward to seeing you around! ;-)

  4. hi joyce, wanted to wish you a very happy new year! i am cracking up, on my 2010 list to do,i have get a pedicure! have a great evening, se ya next year!

  5. Not to worry about your pedi - that's what we call "winter toes", the pretty ones don't come out till Spring. It's all a part of the process of nature, just like shaved/tan legs and hairy/white legs! LOL

  6. Wishes for happiness and blessings in the coming year.


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