Friday, December 11, 2009

McDonald's/Krispy Kreme World

Jayme over at Tales from the Coopkeeper has ventured into dangerous country, she approached the unspoken dirty word that's heard around the Holidays...DIET!

She said it outloud, in print for all to see. It wasn't pretty, we didn't want to hear it, but like a bad wreck...we couldn't turn away. We had to face the facts that we all have something we want to lose. From our hips or our waist or our arms or our chinS. No one escapes this malady, even if you are slim and trim you probably have a very Bad Attitude that you'd like to purge...
I blame this on lack of sugar cookies in your diet.

That's what made the Grinch so mean, ya' know! Comment after comment was "yeah, me too" or "this helps me" or "do you know how great you are?" Nothing negative.
We all feel the pain and we want to tell Jayme,

"You have our undying support, here we go...
TOGETHER out into the McDonald's/Krispy Kreme World!"


  1. In my case, lack of peanut butter cookies... go Jayne!!

  2. Heavens to Betsy! You are the greatest! Thanks for your support. I'm in the 'honeymoon' phase right now, it's all fun and new, and I'm strong...but the dark days are a comin'. Your support means the world to me!

  3. I agree..I'm with you girl...why waste a holiday?! Come say hi :D

  4. Wasn't Jayme's post great? Well-said by you also, Joycee! We'll all be one big (but smaller.. hehe), healthy blogging family! -Tammy

  5. My DH an turn the car on a dime for a Krispy Kreme ... he has driven 30 (YUP!) miles out of our way to get to them ...

    Love your write, Joy.

    Merry Christmas, TTFN ~ Marydon
    ~~NEW BLOG~~

  6. What a great post of Joy! Thanks for sharing it, Joycee!


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