Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Putting the "Plan" to Work...

Last week I posted a Black Friday Checklist for getting the most out of your shopping. I knew then that we would be shopping even though we were in San Antonio. GRANDson Jackson wanted a Netbook for Christmas and I told him, "They will definitely have those on sale."

Why do I say things like that???
Just look at that face!!
We searched Thanksgiving Day's paper thoroughly for the best buys. We looked online and compared the ones that were listed in the paper. We checked the starting times. We read the fine print that told us what stores would be handing out numbers. We considered location and how fast we could get to the next store. We enlisted the help of family, yep...Hubby and SON in law Ken joined in the 4AM FUN!

All of this was transferred to a Master List...

This HP was the best buy, so Stephanie, Jackson and I headed to Walmart at 4AM to fight the battle. Hubby and SON in law Ken headed to Office Depot for the next best buy. I'm used to shopping in NW Arkansas and I thought that was bad. San Antonio is around 1.2 million...lots of bargain shoppers out that morning. It didn't take long for them to say,

"Sorry, we've sold out."

Poor Jackson had his hopes dashed. Christmas might not even come this year.
We went on to the Riverwalk, had dinner and on the way home stopped by Sam's Club.
Look what we found...
Life is good!


  1. You'll have to let me know how he likes it. I've been thinking of gifting one to myself as I use a desktop an it's pretty hard to try to drag it over the sofa when I want to have a lay down!

    Great hunting job!

  2. You're a serious shopper......good for you...LOL...sounds like you had fun!

  3. I'll wager you are one happy hunter! He'll be one happy boy.

  4. Yay! Good ol' Sams came through!

  5. What a cute face..who could resist?! Glad life is good too! Your trip looks like it was a lot of fun too!!! Come say hi :D

  6. Glad you found it for that cute young man! You know how to shop!

  7. You ARE serious - and man - this was a story with all sorts of twists and turns - and yet you got the computer!

  8. I love me a good adventure story that has a happy ending.
    This was GREAT!!

  9. Jane at Gaston Studio~The one we got really has it all for a netbook, besides being a great price at Sam's Club. The keyboard is 92% the size of a laptop so it "feels" right when you're typing. Another thing that made the Dell netbook a good buy was that it has an 8 hour battery, really and upgrade when you compare netbooks! Good luck choosing one for your Christmas present!

  10. Oh I could not make it up at 4am. Kudos to your guys! Mine barely made it out for 6 am.

  11. Poor Jackson! Maybe try it next year LOL.


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