Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lucky Duck

I'm in need of a good haircut but the weather won't cooperate. Over Christmas I run around like a chicken with it's head cut off, hope that's not too graphic for you first thing in the morning...that's what hillbillies say when we are busier than a one armed paperhanger. Anyway I need a haircut bad. The last time I had a haircut I hadn't colored in awhile and the glare from my silver roots nearly put Suzy's eye out! She is the best hairdresser I've ever had and she cuts my hair dry. Isn't that odd? She spends extra time getting it just right and I just love her. When we moved to GrannyMountain 5 years ago it was just too far to go back to my old hairdresser. I spent the next 4 years trying to find a good one. Along the way I had some really funky haircuts. Too short, too long, too uneven, not layered right, bangs way too short, bangs way too get the idea! Then one day as I was setting at the last stoplight before you leave town, I noticed a salon up the block. It set back in a little shopping center with professional offices. The sign was so inconspicuous I had missed it over and over as I passed by. Hundreds of trips in and out of town in 5 years, plus the year we were building and I had never noticed the shop.

I just got lucky and found Suzy. Luck plays a big part in my life it seems. Lucky to have found a great husband the first time around. Lucky to have had two lovely daughters. Lucky to have three wonderful GRANDsons.

But I no longer have to worry about a bad haircut like this anymore!


  1. Harrr snort snort.. that was too funny (the photo that is with your grandson hair doo hall of fame).

    I know your feelings my dear.. ~sigh~ my daughter resides at the beach and it's hard pressed to get my hair done now. She's been soo good to (she's a professional stylist) and now it's nip here, pluck there and soon I look like a mop again.. at least until she comes home to fix what I did.

    with love,


  2. My hair is a hot mess. When I cut it short, I want it long, when it's brown, I want it blonde. I have yet to find a stylist that I really connect with, and then there's the $$'s so expensive for a cut, color and highlight! Glad I'm not the only one with issues!

  3. It's hard to find someone who can consistantly give a decent hair cut. You are fortunate to have found someone.

  4. that is bad
    I have seen a chicken with it's head cut off
    and it is not a good thing
    I was a kid and it scared me to death as it ran up to the fence where I was standing..and just kept running
    nightmare city

  5. I've been through the same thing...a move and trying to find someone! I've done it all too..when I hit 45 and shaved it short on the sides, my kids said I was going through a mid-life crisis! That last pic looks like it? Come say hi :D

  6. I've been there and done that! lol That is one reason I let my hair grow so long. Also I'm cheap and don't wait to pay $25 to get an inch of hair cut from my head in a straight line which most can't do! I finally did find someone who can cut my hair. It's about time! But I still only go twice a year! lol

    The first 2 hair cuts my baby boy got where horrible! So now I cut his hair myself! Saves me lots of money too!


  7. Hey, huge funky earings and a slash of bright red lipstick and .....viola..perfect!!! LOL

    What fun!

  8. My hairdresser, for whom I also searchd high and low, wanted to be a colorist when she grew up and she did. (I need one of those, too) Got some great certificate and now she doesn't want to cut anymore. I'm so sad about it because, seriously, especially because here in Cali, it's so expensive, you don't want to have to get a bad cut for your $$$. Glad you found a good one. I'm going to have to start looking again. Sigh.

  9. I just learned to dye my own hair with natural ingredients called 'INAI'. You can google check it!


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