Sunday, February 21, 2010

Attention Foodies!

I want to tell you about an amazing project that was started by Julie Van Rosendaal (visit her blog Dinner With Julie. After Haiti's devastating earthquake, Julie committed herself to helping with the relief effort. Her dedication and hard work debuted in the form of an absolutely stunning cookbook.

BlogAid-Recipes for Haiti is a compilation of recipes and photographs from twenty-seven fabulous, talented and generous food writers. All of the proceeds from BlogAid-Recipes for Haiti will go straight to Haitian relief via the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders. That’s not all though! Both West Canadian AND Blurb are matching the dollar amount of the proceeds raised up to $10,000 and until February 12th, the Canadian government will match that amount.

The cookbook is printed using a POD (print-on-demand) system, meaning the books are printed and shipped as they’re ordered and arrive at your doorstep in about 8 days.

Printing partners West Canadian Graphics and in San Francisco were instrumental in supporting the efforts of the designers, artists and contributors as they brought the book to life. Graphic designer Cathryn Ironside spent hundreds of hours on the layout and design; the book is 7”x7”, 110 pages and full colour with a soft-cover ($25) as well as a hard-cover ($50) option.

Look for this wonderful cookbook at Blog Aid's Bookstore.


  1. What a grand idea, thanks to your friends for putting it all together!

  2. Sounds like a beautiful book for a very worthy cause!

  3. Absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing this information with all of your foodie friends.


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