Monday, February 22, 2010

Gas Station Food

You heard me right, and I'm not talking about Fritos and a Slushie. I'm talking about real food that's fixed in the small kitchens on site by someone who looks like your Mom or Grandma. Most of us pull into the gas stations, swipe our debit cards and fill our tanks, then drive away without ever going in these days. But in Arkansas, especially rural Arkansas you would be missing out on some killer fried chicken if you pass up Country Mart at Lead Hill. If you are there early in the morning all of the seats are full serving the locals homemade cinnamon rolls as big as a hubcap!

In rural Madison County, near Huntsville, Arkansas is a Phillips 66. Inside they have the best sausage egg biscuits you ever put in your mouth. Home-made buttermilk biscuits, old fashioned sage-y sausage patty and a light smear of mustard just like Mom would have done to to tide you over till lunch.

Also on Highway 412 near Marble is a White Oak Station (many of these in Arkansas)that boasts a sit down area serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu offers favorites like cheeseburgers and chili dogs, but they also fry up a mean catfish dinner! I have sampled their tater planks or fried okra many times when I was coming home from Mom's!

I imagine all across America if you keep your eyes peeled you are going to be able to find these Quik Stops, EZmarts and Gas N Go's. Sometimes you have to stand at the counter for your food, but your nose is telling you already that the food is good. There are tipoffs of a good place...

1. The parking lot is full of hunters and farmers.
2. Someone that looks like your Grandma is back in the kitchen.
3. Inspection notices are posted and anything above a 93 should be assurance that this place is clean!

You're already there getting your tank filled so why not try out the food? You just might be in for a tasty snack that won't cost you and arm and a leg!


  1. I will give it another try in Az but the only food I have found in gas stations here is a microwave hot dog!! Those sinnamon rolls look yummy as I am sipping my first cup of coffee...

  2. Funny, I saw Madison County and Huntsville and got all excited... But then I read Arkansas, not Alabama ... too bad.

  3. We sure haven't got anything like that HERE! That would be a treat indeed! We do have one restaurant that serves very good down home cookin, depending on what you order from the menu. Experience teaches you what and what not to order - not quite the same as the foods you talked about today!

  4. Are these places on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives ... if not you should contact them ... We love LOVE these kinds of places to visit. The cinnamon rolls make ones juices activate.

    DH will want to head S now for sure.

    Have a beautiful week!
    TTFN, Hugs ~ Marydon

  5. Eat where the locals eat. Always good advice.

  6. J always buys biscuits and gravy from the gas station down the road, from our condo, at the lake. They are homemade and very good, according to J.

  7. You need to tell Guy Fieri about these - - - maybe you could make it on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!

  8. My mouth is watering right now. Just back last night from a trip to Little Rock. My new granddaughter arrived Thursday afternoon.

  9. I really loved this... those folks are unsung heros among all the 7 11 recycled food stops. Good for you!

  10. I love checking out food around the gas stations... will never miss out any good stuffs there! haha...


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