Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Ewan!

We did it, we blinked and Ewan Theodore is now 3 years old! How can that be, how can time fly like that? For us it seems like his Mom should still be little but she's grown with a little boy of her own now!

It wasn't long until Ewan's personality began to emerge...

Adventuresome from the start...

A little bit of a clown...

Cute as a button...

Easy going...

Loves bells and whistles (just like his Dad!)

The things we do to our kids!

Lots of new experiences along the way...

First teeth...

First Halloween...

It's amazing how much he looked like Amy as a baby!

He's just a fun kid!

Did I mention he is a cutie-pie???

But everyday he's growing up...

Watch out, he's getting older...

He can do lot's of things by himself now...

There's a whole world out there just waiting for Ewan to explore!

He's going to add some attitude...

He's going to inspect and decipher and study all the angles...

He's gonna have a lot of fun...

Cause now he's 3!!!

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!

Love, Nana and Papa


  1. Happy Birthday to the little cutie!

  2. Happy birthday, Ewan.

    Enjoy all the little (and big) moments, Nana and Papa. They seem to pass way too fast.

  3. Adorable photos - Happy Birthday to your darlin!

  4. I'm sayin'! My oldest grandson just got his driver's permit. Ouch! My eight range from 15yrs-6months.

    Your little Ewan is just perfectly precious. Here's sendin' him a big old Ozarks HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    You have a terrifically blessed day celebration this little fella!!!

  5. Wow!! What a cutie....This brought tears to my eyes and chills down my spine! I am so looking forward to being a grandma. I will be called Nanny and Kurt, my husband, will be Poppy. We can hardly wait for this wonderful Baby Boy to arrive.

  6. ah yes they grow like weeds and you wonder how it happened. A cute, cuddly little guy is now a 15-year old high school sophomore. How did that happen and me still being such a young'en. Enjoy the cutie with his beautiful eyes; they grow so quickly

  7. Funny post about the glasses too! And this little guy is so cute..don't you just love seeing who they are?! And getting a peek at what they might be...I do, it's totally fasinating to me.Come say hi :D

  8. Why is it that the boys always get the biggest eyes and the longest eyelashes? He's a cutie.

  9. Happy birthday Ewan! They grow so fast, don't they? Isn't it amazing how they're born with their eyes already as huge as they're going to become as an adult! Can't get over that.

  10. Happy Birthday - how do they grow up so fast - time just flies doesn't it? sandie


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