Thursday, February 25, 2010

Last Piece of Pie...

I've written about Dan Hentschel before, on SCHOOL DAYS. He's a local celebrity, a morning DJ on US94. His bio at their website says,
"I've been waking people up on this planet for over 36 years!"

When I catch his morning show, it just cracks me up! He has a way of reaching his audience with humor that just makes the day start off right. I see he has a list of Basic Truths that he's learned over the years.


1. You are NOT the center of your family - Your FAMILY is the CENTER of YOU.
2. HARD WORK pays off.
3. DAD was right.
4. The stuff they tell you on TV ain't necessarily so.
5. Your DOG loves you NO MATTER WHAT.
6. NEW isn't always better.
7. LESS isn't MORE - LESS is LESS - MORE is MORE.
8. Talk to people - don't send so many emails - and occassionally WRITE A LETTER!
9. Get up early and enjoy a sun rise...
10. Go to bed at a decent hour.
11. Look people in the eye when you speak.
12. Do things for other people who aren't expecting it.
13. Stop whining.
14. Don't listen to gossip.
15. Be the solution - not the problem.
16. You know what is RIGHT & just do WHAT'S RIGHT.
17. Leave the last piece of pie for someone else.
So, what do you think??? Maybe he's onto something!


  1. I will try to do them all...except the last piece of pie!

  2. Awesome advice there.. and it's true, your dog loves you no matter what. Loyal, true, giving openly with a complete heart. Something we should do more often.

    with love and pass some pie my dear!


  3. I enjoyed these truths. They are so straight to the point and wise.

  4. G'morn, Joy ~

    Now there's a man that is both wise & truthful. My kind of guy!, love the pie.

    Have a beautiful day.
    Hugs, Marydon

  5. The hardest one for me would be old number 17...:D

  6. All of those should be doable for anyone. Hard for me to leave the last piece of pie, however. My husband wouldn't eat it, and by the time someone else came along who wanted it, it would be bad, and I would have to throw it out. So I might as well eat it myself!

  7. sounds like a pretty smart guy! #17 is so cute!!!

  8. If those a tart pie cherries, no one else is getting that last piece.

  9. The last one is the good one! In our tradition, we always leave the last piece for the one behind. Now, even my son would asked if anyone else would like to have the last piece. Otherwise, he'll eat it!

  10. All true, all good bits of wisdom. But the pie....the PIE, Joycee. It's really unfair of you to post a picture like that. Really, it's not. :p)


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