Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Braggin' Rights"

Facebook is a great way to keep up with old high school friends, you know what I mean....snoop in their lives and see what they've been up to! We all have one thing in common, we like to brag about our kids and grandkids! Jim and Kaye Wright are very proud of their daughter Leslie who's a talented singer/songwriter. The song "The Water is Wide" was recorded for her Dad and will bring a tear to your eye when you listen!

Cute as a button, she's got a lot of talent packed into that little body! She's been in the music business since she was only 6 years old, singing at Eureka Springs, Branson and Nashville shows. Nowadays, she stars at the Eureka Springs Ozark Mountain Hoedown Show 6 nights a week, she handles the theater's graphics and Internet marketing and she's manager for the George Brothers and co-wrote 5 of the songs on their new CD (listen to them HERE)! In her "spare time", she's raising two girls and does web design on the side. Whew, that makes me tired just to type it! Enjoy her beautiful voice and read more about her HERE.


  1. BEAUTIFUL, Joycee. I love her voice and the words of the song.

    Thanks for sharing.

    : )

  2. She's the total package - beauty, talent, and obviously a Christian.

  3. I think she steals the her voice and her humor (Dolly Parton made my grandkids laugh) ...The Wrights have good reason to be proud of such a talented daughter.


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