Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Ken!

All day long our SON in law Ken is going to have to face the music, he's turning 40 today! It's not bad enough to be born on "Tax Day," now he's in for some humiliation on a plate...

Everyone has something to tell you about getting older, we want to share the misery! 
"I can't figure out if life is passing me by or trying to run me over!"
"When did my wild oats turn into shredded wheat?"
"You know you're getting old when your knees buckle and your belt won't!"

Forty's certainly not "old," but when you're forty, you think it is! It is the time you start noticing that getting 4 hours sleep just won't work anymore and you have aches and pains that just weren't there yesterday.

You may notice a gray hair or two. Just pluck them out as quick as you see them and no one will know...

Put these glasses on to find the gray hairs!

At least people start looking up to you for your wisdom and may even ask for advice on important matters...

One thing about it, you are surrounded by lots of friends in the same boat. In fact, you start to notice there's plenty of people who made it past 50, or 60 or even 80! Maybe 40's not so bad after all...hey, you're just a "pup," the baby in the group. You still have your teeth and most of your hair...even if it is on your back and growing out your ears!

Have a great birthday and don't let a 40 get you down! We've seen you move "mountains".... you're a long way from old!


  1. Happy Birthday Ken! I have been there and at 40 I was pregnant with my last child and because of this I think I escaped all the ribbing and the surprise party. It's not so bad turning 40. Such funny visuals Joycee. Joni

  2. Happy Birthday Ken~! I'm 1/2 to 134 this year.. I love my birthdays~! Call me crazy but I don't mind getting older.. Have a great party with the boy...
    ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  3. Happy Birthday Ken!! and you haven't gotten over the hill yet... I think 40 is still teetering on top. Now.. at 45?... yeah.. past the crest.

  4. Forty? I honestly don't know if I remember forty! Hope he makes it through in one piece!...:)JP

  5. Old age is also like underwear in that sometimes it is crappy.

    I wouldn't mind so much the gray hair. It's the aching back.

  6. You have to keep telling yourself that its just a number. Happy Birthday!!

  7. Oh, you are so baaaadddd!
    (In the best sort of way!)


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