Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FREE Bacon!

This has been a long Spring, lots of rain and cool temps that have prevented me from doing much gardening. If you've been watching the news, you may have noticed that Arkansas has been stuck in rain mode for over a week with a front that has stalled and worn out it's welcome. But I have high hopes that the clouds will eventually clear and all of these plants can go outside for a little sunshine! We have beans and squash, corn and okra, tomatoes and peppers. I've been babysitting these plants for a while now and the TLC will be worth it all when I can make one of these...

All that talk about bacon being good for me yesterday made me hungry for a BLT! Nothing on God's green Earth smells better than bacon frying, and if you had a mother or grandmother who made bacon just the way you liked it you can count yourself lucky.

One thing for sure, you don't have to do much to the really great foods. This summer I'm looking forward to all the "greats"...grilled hot dogs and burgers with potato salad and baked beans, fried fish with cornbread and coleslaw... and bacon in all it's glory!

If you'd like some free bacon... duh, who wouldn't want free bacon???
See the schedule below … Wright Brand bacon will be coming to a city near you. For a chance to win FREE bacon, all you have to do is text the word "Wright" to 313131. Here's their schedule so "Look for de plane, de plane" in the following cities...

  • April 16 & 17: Birmingham, AL  Talladega Superspeedway
  • May 28 & 29: Concord, NC  Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • June 4: Joliet, IL  Chicagoland Speedway
  • June 10 – 12: Chicago, IL  Chicago Blues Festival & Ribfest
  • Mid-June: Omaha, NE  College World Series
  • July 2 & 3: New York, NY  Select Beaches
  • July 8 & 9: Sparta, KY  Kentucky Speedway
  • July 22 & 23: Nashville, TN  Nashville Superspeedway
  • July 30 & 31: Indianapolis, IN  Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • August 26 & 27: Bristol, TN  Bristol Motor Speedway
  • September 3 & 4: Hampton, GA  Atlanta Motor Speedway
  • September: TBDOctober 8 & 9: Dallas, TX  Texas State Fair
  • November 12 & 13: Avondale, AZ  Phoenix International Speedway
*If you can't make it to any of these locations, just text them now at 313131 to win now!


  1. That BLT looks amazing! I make mine and roll it up in romaine leaves to keep it low carb.

    I'm laughing about your closets. It's so hard to give it up...I'm purging today too!

  2. Okay, now that is a great looking BLT. I'd love one for breakfast.


  3. I was just thinking about you and wondering if you were ok. Earlier this morning our news here reported there were tornados that went through Arkansas last night.

    There's nothing like a BLT in the summertime.

  4. I'm here! I'll be back to do more snooping... er... admiring.

  5. Bacon, food for the Gods! We had bacon for breakfast each day at our son's over Easter weekend.

    BLT's are the best sandwiches, but I will wait until the tomatoes are better....get busy Arkansas. That is the first tomatoes we can get sort of locally here.

    Glad you all are OK. I wondered about the lake issue.

  6. I'm a bacon fan myself. My husband says that when he was a kid, he swore he'd buy a pound of bacon and eat it all himself, because they only got a piece or two at breakfast growing up!

  7. I sure hope your weather improves - and fast! Your BLT looks yummy! Can't wait to make some of those with the tomatoes we're going to grow in our garden this year! (Oh I'm sorry, I mentioned the garden....so sorry. I won't tell you about my tomatoes already blooming. No I won't tell you and you can't make me.)


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