Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I went in for my 50,000 mile checkup yesterday, on me...not my car. I've had some major repairs, but for the most part everything is in ok condition...all except the paint job. I think I may be needing some body work to make this ol' jalopy look it's best. There are lots of choices these days to fill up the wrinkles, plump up the lips or lush up the lashes.


I need all four of the above treatments, but yesterday I had a little red spot looked at that was worrying me. It wasn't anything serious and the dermatologist took care of it zip-zap! Now if I added up how much I've spent in the last year on this lotion and that lotion, I could have probably had at least one of the a la carte treatments above. Why didn't I think of that sooner?


  1. Chuckles Joy! We could all use a little tuneup; personally, I could really use the Latisse but refuse to pay the big bucks!

  2. If you get any of these let us know..I want to do something so bad but kind of a scardy cat...

  3. I just went in too for a growing mole on my back and they took it off and said it was nothing..then he said; Let me look at this (as he pinched my face). He said it was a spot of skin cancer, so I have to get that cut out! I could have lines filled in ETC. but I don't know..I want to just except the aging process. I look at the old women around me and I think they are beautiful..I don't even see their wrinkles! I think that will be my path. :D

  4. Just had two moles off! Not cancer yahoo! I agree with Julie! I would love to age gracefully. What is it about people and their cars in the old days -- they loved to sit on them. I have pics of both my parents sitting/half laying on their cars -- love them! Joni

  5. So true about cars; I have photo's also of my parents lounging around their cars. :)

    Love your blog - I'm here from Karen (thisoldhousetoo).

    I could use all of the treatments! :)

  6. Well, Karen of This Old House is also thinking of those anti-aging treatment options, but the scaredy thing. And the price. *sigh*


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