Thursday, April 21, 2011

Picnik Fun

I've been at Picnik this morning, playing, picking blackberries, chasing clouds, spreading my tablecloth...go there and the wait is pleasant. The seconds to download breeze by as they take you on an imaginary picnic complete with green grass and daisies!

You don't even have to register to use their photo shop, how nice is that? There are all kinds of goodies there... you can make your pictures in a Vignette effect...

This is pumped up with the Boost effect. It makes my picture look 100% better!

Neon night!

...wait a minute, I didn't do anything to this one!

Can you tell I like the Text mode the best???


  1. Great pictures!! love all your editing!! So glad spring is here!!

  2. I LOVE Picnik! I use the free version but my daughter actually purchased a "package" so she can do even more fun stuff!

    I don't use it on my photos on my actual posts but I do use it for all of my headers. I also used it recently to create baby shower invites... then I just had them printed at Costco as pictures... cheap and easy!

    I've also used it on some older photos that were too dark or if you want to make a photo black and white I find it gives much better results than my camera's software.

    I've also found... it's kind of addicting :)


  3. Joycee -- now that the weather is getting warmer, I need to visit picnic :). My posts definitely could use some va-voom. Joni

  4. I adore picnik! I make my header threre, I made tea party invitations there, I made.....more stuff, yeah, more stuff (haven't had the coffee yet so I can't think of more stuff). You have done a cute job.

  5. I have just begun usin" Picnik and haven't taken the time to play the way I'd like to.

    Your photos are amazin'!

    God bless and have a fantastic day!

    BTW: place...ya'll come!!! :o)

  6. Picnik, never heard of it but will go see what it involves. Thank you!! Oh, loved your photos!!

  7. Thanks for finding me Joycee. Your blog is delightful and your pictures so fun with commentary! I use picnik too and their year membership is worth every penny to upgrade. I hesitated, then jumped and I'm so glad I did. Love your smashing daffodils in your header too.

    Happy Easter new friend!

  8. I need to use it, my daughters do all the time. You have a great Easter weekend. (I am beginning to believe the after 50 patching thing!) ;D

  9. It is so fun to play around isn't it! I love the texting tools too.


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