Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sTinkn gAboozies!

McGregor hEre, mE and the other gAboozies hed fun hidin eggs fur the Frst  Easter Scavengr Hnt sUnday. tHe gRendchillen hed to follow th cluz nd gather up th eggs wE hed mad. nOw us gAboozies dont knw mch abut Easter eggs so wE akz the Easter Bunny to help us mek som flat eggs soz wE culd hid thm bettr.

tH Lady of the Big Hse gav th gRendchillen th list of cluz and they wuz off lik rabbts!

iT wuz lik artprt control et frst with lots uf fingr pointn... 

Hr wuz the lst wE mede...

McGregor saz Heallo to th GRENDchillen nd wElcom to th First Annual Easter Scavenger Hunt. mE nd th other gAboozies hav hed fun hidin cluz. gAthr up all th eggs as U fnd thm nd whn U get don ther will B a bIg SurpriZ!
1. Go quicky, the Call of Nature  #1 Or #2...
2. Beauty is in a Drawer with lips and sticks…
3. What time is it? It’s bedtime!
4. Drippy feet go on this rug…
5. Time for Beddy Bye!
6. All dried up, now fold ’em and put away!
7. While ur there, iron ’em and hang ’em up!
8. White Wedding, a blast from the past…
9. Loo Library…
10. Bonz for dogs..
11. Ding Dong!
12. Brite idea…
13. Springtime fleurs…
14.  Fast Food…
15.  Down the Drain…
16.  All mixed up…
17. Swami
18. Snuggles
19. Toasty Good
20. Wake up and smell the coffee!
21. Rice is Nice!
22. Time for Tea!
23. Driving Miss Daisy
24. Recyle, it’s the right thing to do!
25. Cold Cash!

See th flat egg et #8 White Wedding?

jKson fnds #6... All dried up!

Geven lookz fur #2

tHe menfolk sitz whl th kiddez lookz fur eggs!

wE gAboozies ar sTinkrs, wE hidz thm gud... iT wuz ltz of fun so wE mey do it agin nxt yr!


  1. Very cute! Who doesn't love a scavenger hunt... especially with easter eggs!


  2. Oh I love making scavenger hunts! I used to make them for my boys on their birthdays! What a great idea for Easter! Love your clues and hiding spots!

  3. You guys sure do know how to have fun. Great memories for the grandchildren.

  4. I just love reading with accents... that was fun!

  5. Joycee,

    What a fun idea for the older kiddies! I'm going to give it a whirl next year...thanks.


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