Monday, April 25, 2011

There was good news on the ABC World News... you missed it??? It was stuck between fighting in Libya and $4 gasoline at the pump. Researchers have determined a diet of bacon and cream will control and eventually cure epileptic seizures in children and adolescents. They interviewed families who's lives were changed in just a few days of following the Ketogenic diet. High in fat with extreme restrictions of carbs, it sounds like the old Atkins diet I used to go on. Doctors say yes, it is nutritionally incomplete and supplements have to be added, but the benefits of reducing or eliminating seizures far outweigh the short term diet. They also said the diet was being studied for Alzheimer's and even cancer patients. Wouldn't that be wonderful if all of these things could be helped or cured with something as simple as bacon?

It goes against anything our Mothers ever told us to eat things that are bad. As much as we strive to eat our healthiest, to choose organic whenever possible, to limit processed and sugar from our diet there are those out there trying just as hard to tempt us.

Just go over to and you can buy anything from bacon flavored gum to bacon lip balm. Bacon lollipops, bacon toothpaste, bacon mints, bacon floss... I' m NOT making this up, go see for yourself!

I've blogged about Baconaisse before HERE and I have a jar in my fridge right now. It makes a killer BLT!

If you didn't get your favorite candy in your basket on Easter it's not too late to order a gourmet 'baconlicious' Mo's Bacon Bar from Vosage Chocolatiers. Don't worry... it's 62% dark chocolate and everyone knows how good that is for us!


  1. I remember reading your post about Baconnaise, so find it fitting that you give us additional info on the, yet again, miraculous abilities of... BACON! Who'd a thunk!

  2. I am intrigued with this. I have a daughter that says it helps her with cravings and starts each day with a slice or two! I love bacon in a low-carb lettuce wrap, but generally I limit my use, so keep me up on this, please!

    Your Easter gathering sounds delightful.

  3. My Dad ate bacon, eggs and lots of sweets most every day. He lived to almost 97 years old. He was a very happy and healthy man. Who knew all that stuff was good for him??

  4. Uhmmm... I think I threw up a little in my mouth. Sorry.
    Bacon is great but I am a bit skeptical of bacon floss etc.
    Now add it to some tomato, lettuce and cheese and I will gobble it up in a sandwich. I mean the real bacon, not the floss.

  5. Seems that the way my mom cooked was the right way after all! Good to hear! :D

  6. I'll take a scoop of Bacon Ice cream.
    Actually that sounds like something I could live with.


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