Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yesterday was Prom for GRANDson Jackson and his beautiful date Amanda! I can't wait to see the pictures from the prom and hear all about it!

If that wasn't enough, I received my gardener's basket from Michael Lee West's give-a-way that I won. It was just stuffed with all kinds of gardening goodies!

And in an unassuming manila envelope... the secret serum that is going to make me young again!
Life is GOOD!

*Spring Chicken Serum and Beak Balm can be found at Jayme Goffin's Etsy site...


  1. A very handsome young prom goer indeed. You must let me know if the serum is helpful!

    Congrats on the prize!

  2. Prom season is definitely upon us. Your grandson and his date really make a cute couple.

    I'm curious about that Spring Chicken Serum. It looks a lot like Lemon Curd.

  3. I love prom season. My kids are all in college so no more proms for me:( What a lovely pair they made. I'm anxious to hear how the serum works!

  4. I ordered that serum too!!... haven't gotten it yet.

    Love the prom pic, Jackson is a handsome dude, and I think he even looks alittle like Keanu Reeves!

  5. Prom pictures are so great! Nice basket of goodies...that should get you inspired to start digging!

  6. I should have said in the post, the little "pot" is lip balm and bottle is Jayme Goffin's serum from her Etsy site...

  7. Congrat's on your win, "Christmas done come early"! Great Prom photo - young & handsome/beautiful!

  8. I wonder if I'll recognize you after you treat yourself to the serum and balm? And speaking of BEAUTY, the GS has one for his prom!!!! What a good looking pair they make!...:)JP

  9. Spring is in the air and so are proms...Jackson is so handsome and his date is such a cutey..
    Love the Picture of your garden basket you won.. WOW~! so nice.
    Have a tiggeriffic day~ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  10. Ah, youth! Beautiful couple Joy. And looks like a fanastic basket you won.. congrats.

  11. What a beautiful couple they make!
    I hope they had a super time.

    Nice basket of goodies.


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