Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We had a little getaway for Jerry's birthday. Nothing fancy, and when I say that I mean it! He was celebrating a milestone birthday, you know the decade ones... the ones that can get you in a really bad mood unless something special it planned. We stayed at The Wilderness Cabins
 at Branson, Missouri just a couple hours away.

We love to stay someplace with charm and having a kitchenette is a plus. We like to do our own breakfast, wear our pjs and take our time getting around. I pack everything but the kitchen sink so we don't have to be afraid of not having the things we need!

It looks small, and it was. They had beds for 4, I imagine two adults and two kids but I don't think I could have stood it long if I'd had little ones underfoot. I'd  have made a poor Pioneer Woman, not THAT Pioneer Woman... she has a house for living and another for entertaining, I mean the old days kind that made do on the Prairie with a one room cabin. It was great for a weekend, but more than that and I'd be going a little berserk! 

It did have all the comforts that you need, comfortable rocking chairs on the front porch and a gas grill on the back porch.

We didn't have to do without any of the necessities of life! It even had wi-fi, sort of. I could get connected, and I could read my email and Facebook. I just couldn't post the one picture I wanted to post so badly for our GRANDson Ewan.

Everywhere you looked, was peace and quiet. Forests with big Oak trees surrounded the cabin and even though it was a rainy weekend, we enjoyed every minute.  

There were other cabins all around us, but honestly you felt as if you were the only ones in the woods.

But just a few miles from us, there was a whole different world going on... 

...more tomorrow!


  1. Looks wonderful. Some girlfriends and I do that for oour Christmas gifts to each other. It is a bigger cabin with and upstairs and the lady who owns it has it all decorated with antiques. So glad you had a good time. Decades... they are a blessing.

  2. That cabin looks like absolute HEAVEN to me! And I think you would have been fine as a pioneer woman. You wouldn't have know any different. :) Thanks for sharing

  3. What a great get away! Thanks for sharing and the t-paper holder brought a chuckle.

  4. oh, that cabin is delightful! beautiful and perfect for a getaway!

  5. Love those pictures of the cabin, and its got me thinking to take a trip like that. It even had computer access too!. Richard

  6. Is that the cabins (with the campground) that Silver Dollar City owns? If so, we camped many times right across the road in another campground. Did you go to S$C? If you did, did you see the lumberjack show that's there right now. I so want to see it and I think we might be going in a couple of weeks or so.

  7. I could totally live there, that's my kind of place! Not with a houseful, mind you, but perfect for one or two.

  8. What a cute and peaceful place!! I could live forever in something like that. As long as there were little critters all around..LOL Not huge ones like in that last pic..Yikes!

  9. Joycee
    You know I'm salvitating. I just love the cozy charm of your little cabin in the woods.
    Happy Birthday to Jerry-I hope that's your husband!!!

  10. Kim you're so funny! I guess I usually say Hubby so Jerry could be anyone... I've hung around for 42 years, we are definately married!

  11. Love the quilt on the bed!!
    Good grief I can't wait to see what your next post will be - love these "two-parters"!

  12. That's so funny. I just drove by The Wilderness Cabins today. I love seeing the interior. Thank you for all the nice photos. Nice shot on 76 of King Kong. You know, that literally made my jaw drop when I first drive to town.


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