Monday, September 19, 2011

Whooo's on his way to Texas?

GRANDson Ewan had dental surgery last week and was such a BIG BOY that we wanted to send him a little surprise! We just happened to be at Branson over the weekend, and saw this cute Owl in the window at Build-a-Bear just and waiting for a good little boy or girl. This was the first one that was "born" at the Branson Build-a-Bear so he was very special!

Owlee needed some stuffin'

You can choose for him to be a softy or a plumpy, we like plumpies in this family!

Just right!

Now he needs a heart, we kissed it cause we love Owlee already...

Just a few snips and ties and he's all done!

Now he needs a good bath and a blow dry...

All ready for his birth certificate, isn't he cute? He even can say a few hootie hoot hoots if you give him a hug!

On his way to Ewan's house right now!


  1. I just know your GRAND and Owlie will be great friends. I hope Ewan is feeling much better today.

  2. That is the cutest thing evah!!
    I just caught up on all the posts.I loved that cake one! haha

  3. I did this with my kids when they were younger, a real treat putting them together, picking out their heart.. and then the clothes choices!.. still have a few laying around.

  4. Absolutely adorable! Hope Ewan is feeling better today.

  5. Too cute!
    I wish there was a machine that could "unstuff" me! K

  6. Thanks for sharing that! That owl is sooooo darned cute. I'm sure he'll be loving all over it.

  7. Bless Ewan. I hope he is feeling much better now. I hate when the little ones have to even go to doctors!

    That little bear should perk him right up.

  8. That's just the thing to make Ewan feel lots better! Very Cute!

  9. Made with love. How adorable! This should definitely perk him up. Hope he is doing well, poor little thing.

  10. That is so super cute! You are hilarious. I loved reading that. Now I know how Build-A-Bear works. Didn't know all that. Thanks for sharing. I hope Ewan loves it!


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