Friday, October 21, 2011

Frugal Fun!

Fred and Ethel lived with us for many years and greeted Trick or Treaters from porch swings, garden benches or bales of hay. I have no idea where I found the idea for their pantyhose heads, probably a Woman's Day or Family Circle magazine. They were simple folks, he in his overalls and she in her plain dress, they were country folk that moved to town! From their meager beginnings at Horseshoe Bend, they traveled to Deer Run then onto Oxford Drive and Ravenwood Court. Nottingham Place was next and finally to sunny south Texas in Las Brisas. In all it was a 10 year run for decorations that cost nothing and brought smiles to kids each Halloween, pretty good I'd say!

Have a great weekend!


  1. G'morn, Joycee ~
    They are darling!
    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. oh, they are cute! and well-traveled!

  3. They are a sweet couple and it sounds like they've stayed together through good weather and bad.
    Joycee, it's beginning to sound like you've moved as much as I have! I never thought that was possible for anyone to break my record!!

  4. I love them! I'd love to have the porch swing, too!

    I made a life-sized doll, for my oldest granddaughter, to replicate my DIL. (long story) Transferred a photo image for the face and even bought a wig. Don't know what ended up happening to it. Probably in a storage bin somewhere, or tossed out. Grrrr!

  5. You totally got me. I was expecting to see your neighbors, Fred and Ethel. They still look great.

  6. Gosh they're cute! And world travelers! I had a cute scarecrow all planned out for this year - maybe next year I'll finally git 'r done ;) -Tammy

  7. I think that's a couple I would love to spend some time talking too. They look like good listeners! :-)

  8. well arent they a fun pair! Great decorations!

  9. Hi Joycee ~Tried to find your email to send you a little message, couldn't locate that. I'm you're newest follower. Love reading all about you. Love all your fall decorations. Debi

  10. Well, who could resist such a sweet couple! Pretty welcoming folks :)


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