Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monster Cookie Sundae

Well, we're off again on another little road trip back up into my old stomping grounds. This time we've gone to celebrate my SISTER-in-law's birthday. We go back a long way, even before my brother and she were married we were friends. We used to cruise Steak and Shake and Taylor's Drive-In on Friday nights and look for cute guys get a cherry coke. Who am I kidding, I was 14 and she was engaged so there was no cute guys involved! But we have shared a lot over the years and she truly is more like a sister to me.

The birthday girl has requested a cookie instead of a cake....

That's just like her, she marches to her own drum! 
Will try to get incriminating pictures... later alligator!


  1. how sweet to have your friend become your sister too. :)

  2. Enjoy the party! My son-in-law always wants a "Big Cookie" instead of cake. My daughter prefers "Dirt Cake"...which doesn't make for very pretty photos! :)

  3. Steak and Shake!!! I loved that place! Happy Birthday to your Sister-in-Law!

  4. Happy Birthday to your SIL!!
    Looks good enough for a birthday treat to me!

  5. Dang! that's a lotta cookie. I hope you both live it up! What fun!

  6. cookie over cake...she must be crazy! I have been so outta the loop...I have some reading to do!


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