Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Need More Energy? Just $9.99

Last month when we went to Branson for the weekend we hit some of the outlets, but if you've seen one outlet you've seen them all. We had lunch down at The Landing on Lake Taneycomo then decided to walk it off. I've seen these products at Walgreens and Walmart, but not a whole store dedicated to nothing but As Seen on TV!

 Right there in the window... Bionic Bands that will cure almost everything that's wrong with me!

 I'm a little bit of a "gadget nut," once we started looking around we saw several things we have already bought. This is one of them, and yes they do work!

Should have bought this spray for Ben, his breath is so bad even skunks avoid him!

In this teeny tiny box was a pair of boxers, even extra large ones!

 How'd they do that???

 This would make the party, no one would have ice cubes like these!

 This is a bad idea, I already spend too much time in the shower!

 Wish I had all the money we've spent on inserts for our shoes through the years. We finally got smart and just bought good shoes to begin with... but not until after we ordered these several years ago!

 I just bought this plastic snake thing at Lowe's that I LOVE! It's got little ridges on it that snag onto hair in the drain... that's probably more information than you wanted to hear!

 Functional, but the "old jokes" that you'd have to put up with wouldn't be worth it!

One of the few things we didn't buy from an infomercial. Our neighbor did though and she wasn't too impressed.

No more sewing, that sounds good...

 They charge big bucks to remove hail dings, wonder if this really works?

 Technology has advanced to wireless yet we still have to squeeze a messy tube of toothpaste every day...
Very tempted to buy the plaid dusting slippers, I could be finished with my cleaning after a few trips around the house. We already have the Barbasol Bank!

Now where did we put our life savings...


  1. It amazes me what people will try to sell, and with such conviction that we are tempted to try some of these products. Too bad we wise up so late in life! Could have saved millions.... :)

  2. I wondered if those lifting straps worked. We could have sure used them when we were moving furniture to have the carpets cleaned. We were just in Branson last week and if I'd walked into that store I would have came out with that ice cube tray. What a hoot! I bought that toothpaste dispenser over a year ago and it worked well. In fact I almost wrote a blog post about it. The only thing that kept me from continuing to use it was that I was afraid I was going to break our LARGE bathroom mirror everytime I had to clean the dispenser. The suction cups on that thing are tough!

  3. In my past life, I can see myself using those hysterical ice cubes in someones...third drink, hahaha! xo

  4. Heeehehhe, I just got back from my Mom's in Brownsville where she had an easyfeet suctioned to the bottom of her tub. She's had hip surgery and love the thing! Heeehehehe!

    These are great and if ya'll want to try some of Granny Clampett's remedy I be we could conjure some of it up too! :o)

    Snake oil anyone.........

    You have yourself a terrifically blessed Tuesday sweetie.

  5. Those moving straps really work and are wonderful. We have moved several large items like a refrigerator with no problem at all.

  6. Been wondering about that Plaque Attack, Jill has killer breath too. Wasn't happy with our Sham-WOW, was terrible and scratched my car before I noticed it.

  7. too funny. thanks for the laughs.

  8. If I ended up in that store, I would have left with a trunk load of stuff. The lifting straps are especially enticing.

  9. Ha! I think you have just proven what my husband and I always said.
    Invent the most ridiculous thing you can think of and it will become a best seller!

  10. I'm not a gadget person at all, no egg cooker,no rice cookers, No TV shopping at all. Amazon is all the shopping I need!

    Remember the tray for thawing food quickly. I saw one at check-out at Walmart and realized it was just a slab of cast aluminum. I now place frozen food on my large cast aluminum griddle and it does speed up thaw time. So that gimmick would work...

  11. Im thinking most of that "as seen on TV" stuff does not really work very well. Some of that stuff seems cheaply made to me, and the only one winning from this would be China. Richard from Amish Stories.

  12. Hmmmm....maybe I need that pop a dent thing.

  13. I NEED that Forearm Forklift! I have the Pops-a-Dent (actually the one we got was called Ding King, I think) and it worked on my daughter's car. Her's wasn't hail damage, though.

  14. Every time I see the stuff from "As Seen on TV" at Walmart I wanna load up. I have been tempted by pajama jeans, the Ahh bra and much more. SO far I have resisted all but the Yoga Toes. How much longer I can hold out...Time will tell :)

  15. Oh yes those forearm forklifts really work!!!

    And we have those card holders... got them years ago when our kids were little. We're a big game playing family and it was the only way the little ones under 6 or so could hold a big fistful of cards!


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