Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Nest

Look what I found on Mother Nature Network... an innovative idea from the masterminds of two Apple geniuses, Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers. The Nest Learning Thermostat from Nest Labs comes just in time for cold weather's game we play with our thermostats. Up, down, touch the ground, most of us do it... we give our controls a workout then leave the house forgetting to turn the temp back. Wasting energy is no joke, it affects the world as well as our pockets.

For the first time there's a programmable thermostat that "learns" what we consider to be normal. It programs itself by our habits, learning what we like to wake up to, go to bed to and come home to. Within a week of being installed, it programs our personal likes and adjusts to our comings and goings no matter what the season.

It's easy as pie to use, just connect and walk away. Use it just like you do a regular thermostat, but this smarty pants can be connected to a home wireless system to allow you to adjust the temp AFTER you've left home from a PC, Smartphone or tablet. And for all of us obsessive-compulsive geeks, you can check daily energy use through an Energy History feature. I will share that I keep a Utilities file, going back several years of energy costs. Kilowatt usage/cost/and little arrows pointing up or down, they tell me when we are wasting or living too big for our britches!

This brainy little device has a Nest Leaf feature that tells you when you are saving energy. It even gives you tips on how to make energy wise decisions around the house... pats on the head! Schmart, very schmart!!!


  1. cool is that?! It really would be a smart way to go, as I do sometimes forget to turn it down before bed. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Great invention! Someday all we'll have to do is "think" it and it will happen!

  3. That sounds very cool. Just let me ask you they have HIS normal and HER normal? tee hee!

  4. Geez, even thermostats are smarter than me!

  5. Hi Joycee, thanks for coming by my blog and I hope you come back often as the Ozarks are basically my favorite part of the state to paint!

  6. That is cool We have a wood boiler outside that pipes hot water into the house. I love it. Warm ,warm and no smoke in the house.


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