Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Down Time

Everyday as I walk through the house, I see a few things that need to be done....

Clean bathroom mirrors
Scrub upstairs bathtub
Empty all garbages
Put away laundry
Clean out fridge
Organize junk drawer
Dust living room
Clean front glass door
Vacuum stairs
Dust dining room table

Then if I go outside, I see a few things on the list too...

Clean out car
Pull weeds in back yard
Pull weeds in front yard
Sweep front porch
Water the trees in the front yard

If I'm not careful it's going to interrupt my "down time"...


  1. If this is really where you spend you down time.....I would never get anything done!!

  2. Priorities, priorities! And down time should be up there with the priorities.

  3. I try not to look at all those things that need doing and ignore them. For some reason they don't seem to go away, just because I'm ignoring them.

  4. Ms. A took the words right out of my mouth!

    My down time is very important to me.....

  5. I am learning that down time makes ME FEEL UP!!!!...:)JP


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