Friday, March 30, 2012

Molly~ Pony with a Purpose

This is Molly and her story will amaze and inspire you. Please watch the video and share 
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ABOUT MOLLY - Molly the Pony was rescued by Kaye and Glenn Harris after Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, several months later she was attacked by another Katrina rescue going through emotional trauma, a pit bull. Although her other numerous wounds healed, her leg did not make it. Her rescuer and now owner, Kaye Harris went to bat for Molly, requesting amputation and a prosthesis.
This is rare and there were obstacles that were overcome and now Molly visits anyone who could use her quiet wisdom and inspiration. She has impacted and inspired many people of all ages and abilities. A children’s book was written about her and her story has traveled around the world. We formed a non-profit Foundation called

Its purposes:
· To care for Molly and other retirees or rescued ponies for the rest of their lives.
· To support Molly's work with those who need her inspiration.
· Administer educational programs for children using ponies to support what they are learning in school. · Rehabilitative programs that utilize Molly and the other rescued/retired ponies for improved social, ethical, mental and emotional health.

Molly visits organizations such hospitals, schools, nursing homes, army bases. We’ve been local here in New Orleans and also been to various places in Louisiana, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky and Alabama so far. However, we have requests from ALL OVER the United States for her to come spread her “Molly Magic”!

We have made our goal of getting Molly the trailer she needs to continue making her visits! Abig thank you to all who have donated and helped us reach our goal!
We still need a truck large enough to pull the trailer and dependable enough to take Molly all across the country. We are also looking for sponsors to help cover the expenses of making these trips.

PLEASE – Tell everyone you can think of what we are looking for. We know there is someone out there who can help MOLLY fulfill her mission in life and bring her to all who need her. If you can help with any size donation or idea at all please let us know!

You can contact us at kidsandponies-molly


  1. I remember seeing Molly a while back. She is amazing, she is beautiful.

    Bless those who take care of her and have helped her.

  2. I missed this on the news, but someone posted this clip on Facebook. What an amazing pony and the Foundation does so much good.


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