Friday, March 16, 2012

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

Prepare to be blown away... The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys are 3 brothers who can play Bluegrass like nobody's business! While every other kid in America has been busy playing video games, these boys have evidently been practicing. How did they get their name? Well, the banjo was so heavy that Jonny Mizzone learned to play it laying down!!!
Their CD America's Music can be found HERE


  1. I would love to see them at the Ozark Folk Center! They are awesome!!

  2. Their parents are sure doing something right!

  3. They'll get a lot farther doing this, than they would playing video games! Very talented boys!

  4. AWESOME!!!!! I love Bluegrass!...:)JP

  5. How cool! Their parents must be very proud. What a great achievement for such cute kids


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